What is Rapid Transfer and why should I use it?

What is Rapid Transfer?

Rapid Transfer is an instant bank transfer payment option part of Paysafe Group. Using Rapid Transfer allows you to instantly deposit money from your bank account using your bank credentials directly to your wallet.    


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Is Rapid Transfer secure?

Rapid Transfer is one of the most secure online payment methods: you benefit from all the existing high-security standards that your bank offers. The security mechanisms of your bank and the required authentication protect you from fraud. Your online banking details are never stored and remain fully encrypted by your bank. All transactions with Rapid Transfer are SSL-secured and VeriSign (Norton Secure) protected.

How to use Rapid Transfer?

To make a payment with Rapid Transfer all you need is your online banking credentials to log in and confirm your regular manual bank transfers.

Rapid Transfer will ask for your login credentials and then, if necessary, to confirm some additional security codes like SMS, OTP (a one-time password), or Mobile App. Make sure that you have them ready before initiating the payment.

Once the bank transfer via Rapid Transfer is successful, funds will be credited instantly.


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