How do I deposit with UPI or Net Banking in India?

Currently we experience a technical issue processing UPI deposits. Please use Net Banking to top up your Skrill accounts for the duration of the service disruption. 

Use UPI and Net Banking to easily transfer money from your personal bank account to your Skrill account.

To deposit with UPI or Net Banking simply:
    1. Select UPI or Net Banking from the Deposit section of your account. Click Next.
    3. Enter the amount you want to deposit and your PAN number. Select the currency of the transaction if you want to deposit in a currency different from your primary one. 
    4. Review and confirm your deposit.
    5. You will then be redirected to a page secured by our external provider to complete the payment.

For a UPI deposit: To use UPI, you need to create a VPA (Virtual Payment Address). A VPA is a unique identifier that helps UPI to track a person’s account. Once you have installed the UPI-enabled app, you will choose a UPI ID for all your further transactions.

To complete the deposit, open your UPI mobile app and accept the payment within the next 2 minutes.

For a Net Banking deposit: To complete the deposit, select the bank account you want to use and log in to your online banking.

Note: All UPI/ Net Banking deposits are processed in USD, which may result in a currency conversion fee.

How long does a deposit by UPI/Net Banking take?
The money will reach your Skrill account right away. On a rare occasion, however, it may take up to 1 working day for the money to be available in your account.
What are the fees and the limits?

Check the deposit fees on our Fees page or in the Deposit section of your account. Also, if your account currency is different from our processing currency (USD), an additional currency conversion fee applies.

Your limits will appear onscreen once a transaction is initiated.

Why did my UPI/ Net Banking fail?

There are several reasons why a UPI/ Net banking deposit may fail:

•    Incorrect PAN number: your 10-digit (alphanumeric) tax number. When filling in the details from your personal identification document, make sure there are no dots, accents, or other specific characters.
• Technical/communication error. Try again later or with an alternative deposit option.
•    Name mismatch. Make sure the name you have registered in your Skrill account is the same as the one in your bank account. Third-party bank deposits are not accepted. (Net banking)
•    Incorrect banking credentials. Double-check your bank information, and retry.
•    UPI/ Net Banking have their own policies and procedures, including verification requirements, limits, etc. Get acquainted with their requirements, and make sure you meet them.

My UPI/ Net Banking deposit is missing. What should I do?
If after 1 business day, your funds have neither been credited to your Skrill account nor returned to your bank account, contact us to trace the payment. You will be required to show proof of payment, e.g. a screenshot of your online banking, showing:
•    Your names
•    Bank account details
•    Debited transaction details


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