Dybala during a work out on a soccer stadium

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Play it like Paulo Dybala and make your money move with Skrill. It’s the smart way to send and spend, instantly buy crypto and earn loyalty points as you go.

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Dybala during a work out on a soccer stadium
Mobile phone with loaded Skrill app displaying the dashboard

Why switch to Skrill?

Skrill is the app for money movers and money makers. Send, spend and receive money within seconds, from wherever you are. 

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Phone with open Skrill app displaying the crypto dashboard

Buy and sell crypto with Skrill

It’s easy and instant to buy and sell crypto with the Skrill app. Convert 40 different currencies into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more. Even if you are new to crypto – we’ll make it simple.

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Dybala working out on the field

Join Knect and earn loyalty points

You’ll earn points for using Skrill, whether you are sending money, making a payment or buying crypto. You can exchange your points for cash rewards, gift vouchers and more.

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