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Skrill & AC Milan

Football and fin tech: Skrill is proud to sponsor football legends AC Milan.

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Proud to be partners

As one of Europe’s most successful teams, AC Milan has dominated football for years. We’re excited to bring together trailblazers from the worlds of football and finance in this new partnership.

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Skrill AC Milan Global Payments Solution

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Skrill is the safe, simple and fast way to buy online, send money, and track your spending.

We’re always at the cutting edge, with all the latest developments and fresh deals and discounts for customers around the world.

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Meet Knect, the Skrill loyalty programme

When you join Knect, you’ll earn loyalty points every single time you use Skrill. Earn points for depositing online, spending with your favourite sites, and sending money around the world.

When you’ve got enough you can exchange your points for cash rewards, added discounts and deals, exclusive offers and more.

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