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07 Aug 2023

5 reasons to get your digital wallet now

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Since the inception of metal and paper currency, the way we pay for goods and services has constantly evolved. As a result, transactions have become easier, faster and more convenient, both for the seller and the buyer.

With the emergence of smartphones and finance apps, new and convenient options for paying online have become available.


One such solution has come in the form of digital wallet apps, also known as virtual wallets. These apps come in the form of a mobile or computer application and can be used to deposit funds into an online wallet from where you can send and spend them online. Digital wallets facilitate various payment methods, including card payments and bank transfers.

Some digital wallets, such as Skrill, even let you hold balances in different currencies, including cryptocurrencies.

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Why are digital wallets the future?

Bank accounts often have drawbacks. For example, transactions can be slow, fees can be high, and transfer limits low.

A Skrill wallet helps you avoid these banking challenges and create a source of funds that is separate from your bank account and available to use as you please.

The Skrill digital wallet provides the following five benefits:

the clock is speeding up

1. Speed: Enjoy fast, simple payments for products and services on thousands of websites. No more wasting time filling out forms or entering card details when you need to make an online payment; you simply enter your digital wallet login. Additionally, withdrawing money from a merchant to your Skrill balance is instant.

2. Privacy: To make payments with Skrill, you only need your Skrill email address and password. So, you don’t need to worry about sharing sensitive information like credit card numbers, bank details and personal data.

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paying with different currencies around the world

3. Money transfers: The Skrill digital wallet allows you to transfer money in over forty currencies to other Skrill customers anywhere in the world. You can also send money to a bank account overseas.

4. Cryptocurrencies: Trade a variety of cryptocurrencies in a convenient way.

*Cryptocurrencies are unregulated in the UK. Capital Gains Tax or other taxes may apply. The value of investments is variable and can go down as well as up.


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star attracting valuable points

5. Earn rewards: Join Knect, the Skrill loyalty program, and earn points on your transactions. You can convert your points into credit on your balance and send or spend it as you wish.

Other reasons to get a Skrill wallet include:

  • Exclusive access to offers from our merchant partners
  • Real-time notifications for managing your budget
  • A prepaid Mastercard to pay with your balance in-store or withdraw it as cash (available to residents of the UK and EEA)

Leave behind the complexities associated with bank accounts and register for a Skrill wallet today.

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Once you’ve got your Skrill account, you simply need to fund it to enjoy all the benefits and features that the Skrill has to offer.

Sign up for a Skrill digital wallet

Opening a Skrill account is quick and easy (click here to get started). Once registered, you can start exploring the full potential of your new account.

Open a Skrill account

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