Faster, more convenient payments:

With Remember me, you stay logged in for your next visit and save time

Activate Remember me for a seamless payment experience. Your login information is stored, allowing you to go straight to the Skrill payment option and pay immediately.

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  • FAQS

    • Why should I use Remember Me?

      Enabling Remember me gives you direct access to your Skrill Wallet at Checkout and removes the need of entering your login credentials every time you make a purchase.

    • Is my sensitive information protected with Remember Me?

      Skrill uses industry leading secure payment systems and fraud prevention tools in online payments processing. We have the following recommendations for the best use of Remember me:

      • Use the same browser and device for all your payments;
      • Anything other transferring funds to merchants will require a log in.
      • Do not share the device used with Remember me with any third parties.
    • How do I turn it on?

      You activate Remember me by clicking the checkbox under the email and password fields when logging into your Skrill Wallet at Checkout.