Are you on social media?

Skrill is present on most major social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our official contacts are listed below:

Please consider any other pages using the Skrill brand as third parties not related to us.

You can use our social media contacts to check and follow for current promotions, as well as to keep track of the Skrill sports content. If you have general questions about the services Skrill provides, you can ask these on our official pages. However, we wouldn't be able to help with any account related queries via social media.

How to spot fake social media accounts?

Skrill will never:

  • ask you for your account details over social media;
  • ask you to contact us via What’s App;
  • ask you for your PIN or password.

Any attempt for collecting such information might be related to fraud and may lead to compromising your account security. 

To spot fake accounts, always keep an eye for the following:

  • Check for the verified tick.
  • Check the spelling of the username. Scammers like to add underscores or hyphens to trick you.
  • Check how many followers the account has. Scam accounts will have a very small number of followers.
  • Check how many posts they’ve shared. Scam accounts won’t have many posts.

If you come across such contacts, please make sure to forward them to the Skrill support team for further checks. Keep your account secure and only enter your login details on the genuine Skrill site ( and the mobile application.

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