I've changed my address. How do I update it?

Moving to another city/state

You can review and update your address via section Settings > Personal details (available only via web browser). Keep in mind that after the change you'll be asked to verify the new address - until it's verified, you won't be able to continue with your transactions. 

Note: The address details you register in Skrill account must be truthful, accurate and up to date.

To avoid any issues with your address correction, check the guidelines below:

  • Use a residential address
  • Ensure you use standard address format
  • Your registered state should match your current address
  • Ensure you have entered the address correctly and did not miss any numbers
  • Your ZIP code and state should match
  • Do not use symbols (e.g. -, #, @)
  • We don't accept P.O. boxes as a valid address

Examples of correct address format:

ADDRESS1 ADDRESS2 (Apartment or unit number) CITY STATE ZIP
1237 S Smith Lane Unit 214 Denver CO 80237
1237 S Smith Lane Apt 103 Denver CO 80237
33701 E Pine Drive   Dallas TX 75019

If you’ve moved from the USA to any other country, or from any other country to the USA, you would need to close your existing Skrill account and register a new one in your new country using an alternative e-mail address.

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