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How do I refer friends?

Inviting friends is easy. You have two options:

Send money to a mobile wallet

For the following countries, you can send money by phone number as well. 

  • Armenia
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya
  • Nepal
  • Philippines

We’ll send the money directly to the mobile wallet account they have with our established mobile wallet partners.

  • Frequently asked Questions: Skrill iT

    • How does Skrill iT work?

      In order to send money using Skrill iT, you’ll need a Skrill Account. If you don’t already have a Skrill Account, sign up is free and easy. We’ll just need you to verify your identity and upload funds to your account before you can get started.

      If you already have a Skrill account, you can start sending money with Skrill iT by going to this page: Select how much you’d like to send and the country where your recipient resides so we can send the amount in the local currency. Simply follow the prompts to complete your send money transaction.

      If you are sending money to someone who already has a Skrill account, the money will arrive and be available instantly. If they do not have a Skrill account, they will receive an email with a link to set up an account. It takes less than a minute to set up an account, after which the money will be there waiting.

    • How much does Skrill iT cost?

      There is a 1.9% send money fee, capped at $20. Skrill has benchmarked this and found it is usually considerably cheaper than other money transfer networks.

      Before you complete your send money transaction, we will detail the exact breakdown of our fee structure and how much your recipient will receive in their local currency.

    • How can I upload funds to send?

      You can upload funds into your Skrill Wallet by linking it to your Visa or Mastercard which we will verify using 3D Secure.


      Alternatively, you can also upload funds using Paysafecard vouchers or directly from you preferred bank account.

    • How do I receive money?

      The funds are instantly transferred and can be withdrawn immediately, using local bank withdrawal or international SWIFT.

    • Is sending money to a mobile wallet secure?

      Yes. For mobile wallet transfers, Skrill receives an authorization from the mobile operator and then sends the money instantly. The money sent is guaranteed. It arrives immediately and can be accessed instantly by recipients who have a mobile wallet account supported by our partners.

    • How will the recipient know I've sent them money?

      An email is sent to both the sender and the receiver detailing the amount sent and the amount that will be received in the local currency. If the receiver does not have a Skrill account then there will be a link in the email to open an account. It takes less than a minute to set up an account, after which the money will be available for withdrawing.


      Friends and family members who have a mobile wallet with one of our partners listed here can receive funds in their mobile wallets when you use Skrill. Just list the phone number tied to their mobile wallet account when sending the money. The Skrill iT portal will clearly state if the funds will be deposited to a mobile wallet account.

      For all other countries, using Skrill iT to send money will require the recipient’s email address and those funds will be sent to their Skrill Wallet.


      For example, if you’re sending money to your friend or relative in Kenya, the funds will be deposited to their M-PESA account. But if you’re sending money to your friend in France, the funds will be deposited to their Skrill account.


      For international transactions $15 or more, you’ll have a 30 minute window to cancel should you change your mind or need to edit the transaction. Once the funds have been accepted by the receiver, the sender cannot reverse the money transfer. If the receiver does not open a Skrill account after being notified they have been sent money, the amount sent, including fee, will be credited back to the sender automatically after 14 days.


Your first transaction is FREE

Enjoy zero fees the first time you send money with Skrill. It's quicker and easier than using a bank. All you need is the email address of the person you are sending the money to. The person receiving the funds will have access to their cash in local currency from a variety of withdrawal options.        

Send money to friends and family the easy way with Skrill.