It’s easy to make money with Skrill

Join our affiliate program to earn money on your referrals. We’ll start paying you a commission as soon as your referrals begin making payments with Skrill. It’s a great deal for everyone – for us, for you and for the customers you introduce to a better way to pay.

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Great affiliate benefits for you

  1. Affiliate benefits

    If you’re already an affiliate for other sites, you can get paid twice by combining their commissions with ours. You’ll also benefit from improved customer conversions thanks to our Skrill service.

  2. Commissions

    Whether you’re in retail, financial services or gaming, we have a commission plan that will work for you. Find out more about our program commissions.

  3. Conversions

    Good affiliate conversions can be tricky, especially in emerging markets. At Skrill we’ve cracked payment conversions, particularly in countries with low credit card penetration.

  4. Great payouts

    With our instant Money Transfer service and a host of withdrawal options, our program has everything your customers need to transfer and access their money.

  5. Dedicated affiliate team

    Our award-winning affiliate team is here to advise you and help maximise your earnings using all our affiliate tools.

  6. Resources

    Get access to attractive web banners and text links which provide high conversion rates. With your unique affiliate link, you’ll soon turn your website traffic into cash. Visit our resource center to learn more about Skrill and see how our affiliate program can help you increase your business revenue!

  • Skrill affiliates FAQ

      • What’s the Skrill affiliate programme and how does it work?

        If you own or manage a website that can drive new registrations to Skrill you can become a Skrill affiliate and earn commission when the customers you refer to us spend money via Skrill.

      • Are there any website content restrictions?

        Your website must attract visitors who can become Skrill customers. Please note that we reserve the right to reject any applications that are found unsuitable for the programme.

      • How do I register to become a Skrill affiliate?

        You just need a Skrill account. You can create one here if you don’t have one yet. Once you have an account, simply submit the Skrill affiliate Programme Application Form, making sure to include as much detailed information as possible. You’ll need to accept our affiliate Terms & Conditions when applying to become a Skrill affiliate and once your application is approved you’ll receive an email containing further instructions. All details submitted in the form must match your Skrill account details. Please update your account accordingly before submitting the application.

      • I’ve submitted the form – how long until I get a reply?

        Generally, applications are reviewed and approved within one working day. We may need more time to get back to you in some cases.

      • I don’t have a website - does that rule me out?

        If you’re a Skrill VIP or you have a network of contacts that could become Skrill VIPs – for example, if you’re a trader or a high-stakes poker player – you can take advantage of our ambassador programme, which grants the same benefits as our affiliate programme.

      • I’m not eligible to become a Skrill affiliate, but I want to refer my friends – what can I do?

        Everyone is automatically enrolled in our Refer a Friend programme. Ask your friends and contacts to register with Skrill using your referral link and we’ll be happy to reward you. More information about the Refer a Friend programme can be found here.

      • Where can I find my referral link?

        You can find your referral link in your Skrill account by clicking on ‘Settings’ > ‘Referrals’. It will be in the following format:, where [Customer ID] is your unique customer number. You can also find your customer ID in the top right-hand corner of your account.

      • How can I refer new customers to Skrill?

        New Skrill customers are automatically tracked to your Skrill account when they click your referral link and sign up.

      • Are there any restrictions?

        You’ll need to open a Skrill account in accordance with the Skrill Account Terms of Use and accept our affiliate Terms & Conditions. Then you’re all set..


    Any other questions?

  • How to promote Skrill

    Here are all the HTML resources you need to promote Skrill – just sign up or log in to start using them. If you’d like help with creating content and promotions, advice on best practice or have any questions, get in touch with the Skrill Affiliates team who will be happy to help.

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