Skrill Digital Wallet

The Skrill Digital Wallet lets your business accept secure ‘password only’ payments in 39 currencies from over 36 million people worldwide.

With just a single integration you can reach globally and operate locally, with PCI DSS compliance.

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Good for your customers

For your customers, the Skrill Digital Wallet is the easy to use instant payment option. Paying online with the Skrill Digital Wallet is as fast and easy as paying with cards, with the additional benefit that no sensitive financial data is involved. All that's needed to pay with local payment options and 39 currencies is an email address and password. You can offer all this to your customers with just a single integration and contract.

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…and good for your business

Placing the Skrill Digital Wallet at the hub of your business opens up new opportunities. Along with offering your customers the options to pay how they want, it becomes the essential tool to run your business. Along with increasing your ability to receive payments from customers you can also pay suppliers, partners or affiliates instantly.

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What else can you do with a Skrill Digital Wallet?

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Accept bank payments

Skrill Direct lets your customers pay directly from their bank account without leaving your website, instantly and conveniently.

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Offer 1-Tap payments

With Skrill 1-Tap your customers can pay you with a single tap or click on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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Make instant mass payouts

Skrill Payouts lets you pay customers, freelancers and suppliers worldwide at low cost and with a choice of currencies. All you need is email addresses to send money to as many people as you want.

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