Integration support

We're with you every step of the way when you choose Skrill for your payments. Simply pick your perfect solution from Skrill. Our Integration Support team make sure going live is easy. From integrating a simple element to our flexible, fully customisable integration options. Whether you choose XML API, Post, Skrill's Web Payment Front-end, or CSS and Javascript.

Risk and fraud management

With Skrill, there's no need to worry. Our team of risk and fraud experts monitor all of your transactions in real-time. Our additional security tests include AVS/CVN checks, black and white lists and correlation checks. Because our security measures are so effective, we can offer full chargeback protection upon request.

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Business development and account management support

At Skrill, all merchants are valued partners. That's why personal Skrill Account Managers assist businesses with all matters involving payments. Your Account Manager works with you to understand what you, your customers and your markets need.

They help you optimise your payment mix to maximise conversion and customer satisfaction. And they help you develop your business with joint marketing initiatives.

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Customer support training

Good customer support is crucial for customer loyalty and satisfaction – and the success of your business. We train your service teams on-site and online, ensuring you can help your customers with all payment-related issues. Our service also includes a hotline for your service team leaders, training manuals, hand-outs and webinars.

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