What Are Betting Multiples?

Many bets are used as single selections, but many punters also combine a number of them to create what is known as a Multiple.

These are largely used for major events with a number of matches, such as the Grand National or footballing weekend.

They often:

• Offer big pay-outs for small stakes – they combine the odds from each selection

• Require a number of selections to win for the bet to be successful

• See the winnings on each selection roll onto the next – while the returns increase, so do the chances of glory.

The key multiple bets are:

• Double – This is where it starts. Doubles consist of just two selections. If one selection wins, the bet rolls onto the other – this also needs to be successful to secure a pay-out.

• Treble – The same as a double, but with three selections instead of two. All need to win in order for a pay-out.

• Accumulator – Where the game gets fun. Accumulators are bets with four selections and can consist of anything up to 20.

Depending on the selections, accumulators offer potentially life-changing amounts of money. For example, if £25 was placed on a bet that was 1,000/1 to win, then that punter would win £25,000 if successful.

Accumulators are the most common type of multiple. They are most-popular in football when a number of matches are taking place at once – you will often hear the term “weekend accumulator” used.

Can I choose from other types of multiples?

The possibilities when placing multiples are, quite literally, endless. Below are others which are not as popular – for some of these, it is not necessary for all selections to win.

• Trixie – 3 selections. 4 bets. 3 x doubles and 1 treble are all covered.

 Yankee – 4 selections. 6x doubles, 4 x trebles and 1 accumulator.

 Super Yankee – Now, it gets serious. 5 selections. 26 bets. 10 x doubles, 10 x trebles, 5 x 4 pick accumulators, 6x 5 pick accumulators and 1 6 team accumulator.

• Heinz – 6 selections. 57 bets. 15 x doubles, 20 x trebles, 15 x 4 pick accumulators, 6 x 5 pick accumulators, 7 x 6 pick accumulators and 1 7 team accumulator.

 Super Heinz – 7 selections. 120 bets. 21 x doubles, 35 x trebles, 35 x 4 pick accumulators, 21 x 5 pick accumulators, 7 x 6 pick accumulators and 1 x 7 team accumulator.

• Goliath – 8 selections. 247 bets. 28 x doubles, 56 x trebles, 70 x 4 pick accumulators, 56 x 5 pick accumulators, 28 x 6 pick accumulators, 8 x 7 pick accumulators and 1 x 8 team accumulator. A return is guaranteed when two selections win.

There are numerous benefits from choosing these bets:

• You will almost always receive money in some way, shape or form.

• Unlike accumulators, your bet is not always ruined if one team lets you down – you are can still win money if not all selections win.

However, there are also drawbacks to consider:

• They can be very expensive in terms of stake outlay – especially from the Heinz upwards.

• It is difficult to make a profit because so many bets are covered.

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