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Three reasons you need Skrill on your phone The Skrill mobile app makes managing your money on the go quick and easy. Here are three moments when you will be thankful that Skrill is on your phone, at your fingertips. How to play poker with marginal hands Marginal hands – connectors, low pairs and gaps – are common in poker, so it pays to learn how to play them. Here’s Skrill’s guide to marginal hands. Top 10 largest esports games and their prize pools Esports is exploding with some very serious prize pots on offer. Here are the most lucrative games of the year. How to respond when the market turns volatile Are volatile forex markets a no-go zone or a smart investment? Read Skrill’s beginner’s guide here. The latest crypto news and price movements, all in one place Get your weekly dose of the latest cryptocurrency news, including important updates on Bitcoin. Learn how trends are changing and adoption is increasing. Ken FX on how to tackle five big trader challenges Ken Chigbo is a leading voice in the world of forex. Here he shares his five top challenges and how to solve them. Behind the scenes in pictures: Alessandro Del Piero’s Sky TV advert Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of Alessandro Del Piero’s latest TV advert, including exclusive pictures. Airing on Sky Sport, the commercial promotes Skrill’s prepaid Mastercard®. Five types of poker that bring a new dimension of fun Are your poker games getting repetitive? Then it’s time you added some spice to the game. Here we have five poker variations that come with exciting twists. Skrill launches new loyalty programme with cash rewards Skrill’s Knect loyalty programme gives you the chance to earn points every time you transact. Once you've collected enough points, you can exchange them for cash. 4 ways to stay safe when gambling Placing sports bets or playing casino games can be fun, but you need to understand the risks and be aware of how much you’re spending. Remember: you won’t always win. New poker AI so good it’s not being released The latest poker AI has landed, but what are the implications? Our latest blog post explores why this poker bot is not being released. Meet the 20-somethings making a living from gaming These players are making money gaming with QLASH, sponsored by Skrill. Find out how.