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26 May 2023

The 5 benefits of using a virtual wallet

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You have probably heard of virtual wallets, but do you know what they are and their benefits? In this article we tell you everything.

What is a virtual wallet?

It is a way of managing your finances online in a simple, fast and secure. Simply put, a virtual wallet, like Skrill, is a digital tool that allows you to make payments, receive and transfer money from other virtual wallets or bank accounts without needing physical cards or cash.

Through an app on your mobile phone, you will be able to carry out multiple financial operations immediately, wherever you are, and without relying on a bank account.

using digital wallet

In recent years, digital money has transformed the lives of millions of people both globally and regionally. In fact, according to the latest reports from the Latin American Federation of Banks (Feleban), it is estimated that digital banking grew at an average annual rate of 144% in the 2009-2019 decade in Latin America. Undoubtedly, the virtual wallet is a practical and secure solution, especially for those who do not have access to traditional financial services. Therefore, it also plays a key role in financial inclusion and helps simplify money management in everyday life.

5 reasons to download a virtual wallet

This way of operating has multiple benefits. Among the most important:

1. It offers an easy and straightforward online payment experience

By having associated your cards and bank accounts and loading money onto your virtual wallet, you will be able to purchase without having to reinsert the payment information each time. With a few clicks you will be able to complete your transaction.

2. It has high security standards

The information of the users and of the financial operations that are carried out is encrypted to avoid cyberattacks. In addition, the identity of the user has to be validated through authentication factors such as facial recognition.

3. It allows you to centralise financial management in one place and to have funds to make payments without using your bank.

It is very useful to keep a detailed control of how much you spend on what, where and when. Even those who trade can access greater visibility over their financial operations: buying cryptocurrencies, selling them, among other things, are centralised in the same app, making it easier to keep accounts in order. Also, it offers the possibility of making payments without using your bank account.

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4. Facilitates the sending of currencies to and from abroad
Users can instantly send money from one wallet to another, even between different countries. It greatly simplifies dollar transfers to and from abroad, for example.

5. Skrill provides benefits and loyalty points redeemable for credit on your account
Some virtual wallets like Skrill offer special discounts for their customers in a network of participating businesses and even have a loyalty program, with access to exclusive benefits for their users.

Why is Skrill the virtual wallet you are looking for?

Since 2001, with headquarters in London and offices across Europe and the US, helps millions of consumers like you make all kinds of payments, when and how they want. Thanks to Skrill, you no longer depend on the bank to send and receive money. You count on a virtual wallet accepted in the main gaming sites globally, you can make secure online payments at the speed of light. With Skrill, forget about entering the codes of your cards or bank accounts at the time of purchase. You will only need your Skrill email and password to pay in the easiest and safest way.

Downloading the Skrill application you will be able to access your account from your mobile phone and carry out all kinds of operations such as:

1. Deposit money through a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers and credit or debit cards. Besides, we offer a range of alternative payment methods.

2. Make payments online without using a bank account.

3. Pay easily thanks to Skrill 1-Tap, avoiding having to interrupt the game to make a payment.

4. Access and exchange more than 40 currencies.

5. Send money to friends and family using Skrill instantly.

skrill digital wallet

With Skrill your financial transactions can be more convenient, secure and even give you access to new benefits thanks to its exclusive Knect loyalty program. Download the Skrill app and experience its benefits today.

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