Does my Skrill card support contactless payments?

Yes. Your Skrill card allows you to make contactless transactions wherever the universal contactless logo is displayed at terminals that accept Mastercard®.  

How do I use my Skrill card for contactless payments?

To successfully complete a contactless transaction for the first time, make sure your Skrill Mastercard® is activated and has been used for at least one PIN transaction (Preferably ATM) prior to the contactless attempt. You can also add your Skrill virtual card to Apple or Google Pay and use it at physical store locations.

What are the contactless payments limits?

  • You can perform a maximum of 5 consecutive contactless transactions with your card.  Once you reach this limit you will need to complete a chip & PIN transaction (POS or ATM) to reset the contactless counter.
  • You can spend up to a total of €150 (or equivalent in other currencies) consecutively with your card. Once this limit is reached you will need to use your card’s chip and PIN to reset the limit.
  • Your payment may get declined or you might be asked to complete a purchase through chip & PIN if your transaction exceeds €50. This amount might vary by country. Ensure you check the maximum value you can complete through contactless in the country you reside/complete your purchase in.

Why was my contactless payment declined?

Possible reasons for a failed contactless transaction might be:

  • An issue with the merchant POS contactless reader.
  • A connection issue at the merchant terminal.
  • The payment amount is over the transaction/daily limits set for that country by Mastercard®.
  • You have reached contactless velocity limits for the country of transaction.
  • The contactless chip might be damaged. Please make several attempts at different terminals and if none of them works you can order a replacement card.
  • You have reached the consecutive contactless transaction counter limits.

If your contactless transaction still gets declined, please try again later, or complete it by using your chip and PIN code. 

The Skrill card is only available to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

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