What is the Invite Friends Programme and how does it work?

The Skrill Invite Friends Program allows you to receive a bonus for referring prospective new customers who sign up for a Skrill Account. New customers who sign up via a Referral link are also eligible for a reward.

How does it work?

To receive the Invite Friends bonus, both you and your friend need to complete a few simple steps.


  1. Login to your existing Skrill account and become a True Skriler.
  2. Send a referral link to your friends or family members. The link can be found in My Account > Settings > Invite friends or on a Dashboard banner. Copy and send it via email or by sharing it on the various approved Social Media channels.
  3. Enable Performance cookies.

Note that since you will be rewarded for up to 5 successful referrals, we recommend you only invite people who you know and trust.


  1. Register a Skrill account using the Referral link.
  2. Become a True Skriller. (Complete full verification, complete an eligible deposit – any deposit, excluding paysafecard, and Paysafecash) and login via our Skrill App.

What are the Requirements and Eligibility?

Only customers who have received an Invite Friends e-mail or see in-account/ Skrill App banner are eligible for the Program. To invite friends, you as a Referrer need to have an operational account with a True Skriller status. For both of you to receive the bonus, the Referee needs to complete all the above-mentioned steps.

How much do I receive by taking part in the Invite Friends Program?

The Referrer is eligible to receive EUR 5 per successful invitation, or up to EUR 25 for all 5 sign-ups.
The Referee is eligible to receive EUR 5 after successfully registering a Skrill account and becoming а True Skriller.
Note that if your Skrill account is in a currency different than EUR, the bonus amount will be converted to the said currency.

Are there any restrictions or limitations?

There is no limit to the number of invited referees, but you will only receive the reward for the first 5 friends who sign-up for a Skrill Account, and become true Skriller. Once your 5th referee becomes True Skriller, your referral link automatically expires, and no further sign-ups from this referral link are accepted.

How much time it will take till I receive my bonus?

Both of you will be credited your EUR 5 bonuses in-account automatically as soon as the Referee completes all the required steps.

What is the duration of the Invite Friends Program?

The program runs as a limited period campaign. We encourage you to take advantage before it expires.


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