What is Skrill Money Transfer Refer-a-Friend programme?

The Skrill Money Transfer Refer-a-Friend programme allows you to earn referral credits for sharing our service with your friends. Your referrals also get a discount from their first money transfer. 

How does it work? 

If you reside in a participating country and have made at least one international (cross-border) money transfer above the minimum transfer amount, you can start enjoying the programme. Skrill Money Transfer Refer a friend Terms and Conditions apply. 

To refer someone: 

  1. Visit the Refer a Friend section of your Skrill Money Transfer account to obtain your referral link/code. 
  2. Share with friends or on different social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Track your referred friends and transfer credits under the Refer-a-Friend tab.

To qualify as a valid referral:

  1. Your referee should reside in a participating country and register via the referral link or insert a referral code by clicking on the Got a referral code? link during their first transaction.
  2. Perform a cross-border money transfer equal to or above the minimum transfer amount.
  3. Perform their eligible money transfer within 3 months after registering/receiving their referral code.


  • If your referee`s money transfer fails, is lower than the minimum amount, or is not a cross-border payment, the referral code can be applied upon their next qualifying transfer. 
  • Each customer can be referred by one referrer only and receive one referral credit for it.
  • Each customer can have up to 50 referees and receive up to 50 referral credits in total.

How much referral credit will my friend and I receive?

You can check the referral credit amounts in their respective currencies, as well as the maximum amount of transfer credit that can be used in a single transaction on this page.

How much referral credit can I redeem in a single transaction?

The maximum amount of referral credit that can be used in a single transaction can be checked on this page. You can use up to 5 referral credits per Skrill Money Transfer transaction. Your earned credit will be automatically added when you make an eligible transaction. If you hold a higher referral credit the rest of the amount will be applied to your next international Skrill Money Transfer.

Why haven`t I received my referral credit yet? 

We grant your transfer credit once we receive confirmation that your friend’s money transfer is successfully credited to the recipient bank/mobile wallet. We will let you know with an email once your earned transfer credit is received. If you haven`t earned a referral credit, check if your referee has met our requirements by contacting them directly. 

If you don’t see the Refer-a-friend tab in your account, this means that the referral programme is not available to you.

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