How secure is my Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®?

The Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® is available only to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries and the UK.

Skrill is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). This means that we use the best-in-class tools and practices to ensure the highest level of security for your Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®.

When you make card-present transactions with your Skrill Card (for example, when you physically tap your card on a POS terminal or withdraw funds at an ATM), you’re protected by your Skrill Card PIN and cardholder data.

Online and card-not-present (CNP) payments with your Skrill Card are also protected, even though PIN is not required. To support this, the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® now offers an additional security feature for your online and CNP payments – 3D Secure (3DS). 3DS is an extra security layer that helps us verify that it’s you who’s using your card– and not someone pretending to be you.

A card-not-present (CNP) transaction occurs when neither the cardholder nor the card is physically present at the time of the transaction. It’s most common for orders that happen remotely — for example, online or over the phone.

How does it work?

When paying for something online, you may be prompted to confirm the transaction either with a 6-digit code, known as one-time password (OTP), sent via text message to the mobile phone number registered with your Skrill account, or with a push notification to your Skrill mobile app. You'll be asked to confirm the payment by logging into the app, or to decline the transaction if you didn't initiate it. This is why you should:

  • have your phone handy when paying online
  • have roaming switched on when you’re abroad
  • have updated and verified the mobile number linked to your account
  • have downloaded the Skrill app
  • have enabled Push notifications

Note: For certain online payments 3D Secure will run seamlessly without the additional one-time password step. Don’t worry, you’re still protected.

How to update and/or verify my phone number (available only on a web browser)?

  1. Login to your Skrill account via a web browser
  2. Go to Settings > Personal details > Phone number
  3. You’ll see the options to Add, Verify or Edit your mobile number – just follow the on-screen instructions

Verify your mobile number now to ensure you’re ready to receive one-time passwords for future online payments if asked to. If you change your phone number in the future, simply add and verify it right away. It will be automatically enabled for 3D Secure within a few hours.

How to enable push notifications?

  1. Open the Skrill mobile app.
  2. Navigate to section Profile.
  3. Press the toggle Turn on notifications.

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