What is a Conditional Order And How Do I Create One?

A conditional order allows you to buy or sell crypto for a certain, predefined price. When the desired price condition is reached the exchange is automatically made.

All fields are editable, thus you can customize your order at your convenience.

    1. Within the Crypto section of the Trade tab in your Skrill account choose between Buy or Sell.

    2. Within the Conditional tab select the currencies you want to trade from the associated drop-down menu. You can choose to create an order forFiat or Bitcoin against any of the other cryptocurrencies.

3. Selectthe price at which you want the order to be executed. Enter the amount you want to spend or receive and click on Create order. You can also choose to create an order for a percentage of your available balance.


  • You can trade with your Bitcoin balance only if you already have such available.
  • Some of the available cryptocurrencies (DSH, KNC, ATO) can only be exchanged against Bitcoin.
  • On the price chart you can see the fluctuation of the price for a date range of an hour, day, week, month or a year. You can select the date range from the drop-down menu within the chart.
  • Once a conditional order is executed, the list of current conditional orders will be automatically updated and the order in question will be disabled.
  • You can review, deactivate (from the Status button) and/or delete (from the trash icon) your conditional orders at any time via the Portfolio or the Trade tabs.
  • Under the Trade tab you can only review and manage the alerts as per the currency selection you’ve made.

What are the fees and the limits?

You can check the fees and the limits within the Trade tab of the Crypto section.

For more information about the fees visit our Cryptocurrency page.  

If you exchange Bitcoin for another cryptocurrency, the deducted fee will be collected in Bitcoin.

*The service is currently available in selected countries only. If you see a Crypto section (on the left side in your account account), this means that the service is available for you.

Cryptocurrencies are complex, unregulated, without consumer or financial protections. Capital Gains Tax or other taxes may apply. Prices are volatile; only risk what you can afford to lose.

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