What Are The Most Popular Sports Bets?

The football betting market contains a huge number of popular bets, but you are also likely to encounter similar ones in other sports such as horse racing.

Many of them cross paths with each other – here are a few examples.

Each Way Betting

You will see this market used in numerous sports including Golf, Horse Racing and Formula One, especially where large numbers are taking part – for example, the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

The odds are slashed, but you might find this bet a valuable money-maker – selections are allowed to finish in the frame as well as win outright.

Finishing in the frame usually means in between the first three and seven of a competition, depending on the event.

In most cases, odds are slashed by a quarter or a fifth – for example, backing Henrik Stenson in a race each way would reduce the odds to 4/1 from 16/1 (16/1 divided by four) if he finished in the frame.

• What happens to my bet in the event of a Cash Out? In the event of a Cash Out, you will be offered a fixed amount. If the bet is performing well, this will almost certainly be more than the stake.

Over/ Under Total Points

You are able to back the number of points you believe will be seen in a certain event – you have the power to choose over or under, just like in football.

This is a popular market in a number of sports, including Golf, Baseball, Basketball and American Football – for those with little knowledge of these, it offers a potentially lucrative path.

Handicap Betting/ Point Spread

You will find this betting market popular in events where the outsider, be it team or player, is given a head start.

One example would be Stuart Bingham to receive a 2.5 Frame start from Ronnie O’Sullivan in a snooker match.

If you back Bingham you will be paid out if he finishes within two frames of O’Sullivan and if he loses by more than this margin, your bet will lose.

However, you could also back the other side of the handicap and bet on the Irishman to win by more than 2.5 Frames.

Handicap Betting/ Point Spread is popular in Rugby, Tennis, Darts and American Football alongside other sports.  

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