Asian Handicap Betting

The Asian handicap betting market is becoming increasingly popular – compared to traditional betting markets, there are less ways to lose your money.

It looks complicated at first glance, so just what is it? Skrill explains.

How are there less ways to lose my money?

As opposed to traditional betting, the Asian Handicap system involves what is known as a push – here, your stake is returned.

If your bet ends as a draw (e.g. backing Hull +1 and they are beaten 1-0), your stake is returned rather than lost.

Are there other Asian Handicap markets where you get a stake return?

Whenever your handicap ends in a draw (there is no winner or loser), you receive your stake.

The same thing applies to the total goals market – all of us have suffered defeat when backing Over/ Under 2.5 goals but when playing these on Asian handicap markets, it is much harder to lose.

This also works differently to the traditional market. For example, if you back Under 2 Goals and just one or zero are scored you will get paid out.

If exactly two are scored, however, you do not lose – your stake is returned as a push because it is a handicap draw. If you’ve backed Over 2.5 goals on traditional markets then you would have lost your money.

Surely it is more complicated than that?

Asian Handicap betting can become more complicated if you play on the Double Asian Handicaps – here, your stake is split between two outcomes and is displayed on the bet.

An example of this betting format is as follows:

If you backed Hull +0.5/1 during a match against Arsenal, half of your stake would go on +0.5 and the other on +1.

A range of pay-outs can be returned:

- If Hull avoid defeat, you get paid in full.

- If Hull lose by one goal then the +0.5 stake loses, but you retrieve half of the bet’s stake.

- If Hull lose by more than one goal then the entire stake is lost.

What are the overall benefits for me?

• It is harder to lose on Asian handicap betting than in the traditional market.

• The stake return push gives you more security than traditional betting.

• The split stake allows you to be more flexible and precise.

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