What Is Cash Out?

Cash Out is a feature that many bookmakers offer to their customers and is relatively new in this ever-growing digital age.

It puts the player in control, allowing them to pull out of their bet and take a profit or cut their losses when they want.

Some betting companies will even allow you to determine how much money you want to take – here are Cash Out’s most important points.

• Cash Out gives customers control. You no longer need to wait and find out the bet’s fate. You are given the option to either keep it running until its conclusion or take what is offered at any stage.

• In the event of a cash out request, the bookmaker will offer a fixed amount. If your bet is performing well, this will almost certainly be higher than the original stake.

For example: A player has staked £100 on five teams winning, four of whom have already done so. William Hill have offered you £678.82, meaning that money can either be taken or the bet can be left to its conclusion. If you leave it run and Man. City win they will have £1,618.43 and if they don’t everything is lost. This is the pulsating dilemma of Cash Out.

• Cash Out is available on a number of key betting events with the likes of William Hill and Bet 365 and can be used on singles or multiples.

• Bet 365 has recently introduced partial cash out, where you can cash in on a fractional part of your coupon.

Cash Out will be a vital tool in your armoury. Whether you do so fully or partially, on singles or accumulators, you will have full control and be able to make your own decisions.

Many online bookmakers offer Cash Out, including Ladbrokes - click here to open an account.

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