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22 Mar 2022

Fabrizio Romano reveals his top five 'Here we go' transfers

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A top-five list of my favourite 'Here we go' moments, whether they were the most surprising, the hardest to follow, had the most twists or a last-minute signing.
Being able to say ‘here we go’ is a moment of incredible adrenaline. A mix of satisfaction, excitement, and hope that everything will go well as the sources have guaranteed. Here are the five ‘here we go’ deals that I will never forget.

Fabrizio Romano

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1. Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United

The most exciting deal, because the negotiation between Manchester United and Sporting CP lasted a very long time. When I received the picture of Fernandes' agent on a plane leaving for Manchester, I wrote ‘Here we go!’

I remember the reaction of the Man United fans – it was something incredible.

2. Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain

The most difficult deal to follow as a journalist.

The agreement between Messi and Barcelona was completed, La Liga blocked everything, and from that moment everything was hugely chaotic. There was lots of fake news, lots of rumours about different clubs, and various other stories.

When I received the ‘all signed’ text that Tuesday morning, it was a historic ‘Here we go’.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus

The most special deal. I was outside a prestigious hotel in the centre of Milan where Marotta and Paratici, Juventus sport directors at the time, were signing contracts to then announce Cristiano to Juve.

Being able to write ‘Here we go’ a few metres from where the deal took place was unforgettable. It was a beautiful thing to be live for the arrival of a legend like Ronaldo in Serie A and in Italy, my country.

4. Zinedine Zidane to leave Real Madrid

The most incredible deal because it was a world exclusive that I will never forget.

I received a text message during a soccer match between friends at around 11pm: "Zidane has decided he will leave Real immediately". I remember that two hours spent receiving confirmations, checking the news and then finally sharing it on my social accounts.

An international and exclusive ‘Here we go’, a legendary coach and former player, and a world-class club.

5. Kai Havertz to Chelsea

The most tiring deal. Chelsea had concluded the deal with Bayer Leverkusen two weeks before announcing it, and I was 100% sure of my ‘Here we go’.

However, the slowness in official communications made many fans doubt my information. In reality, it had been completed for days, and confirming that news without fear was a source of great pride for me.

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