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Do more. Pay less.

We’re committed to keeping fees low.

  • Using your Skrill wallet to pay online at a retailer that accepts Skrill
  • Sending money to an international bank account with Skrill Money Transfer
  • Receiving money into your Skrill account

Open an account

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Select your country and local currency

Global payment methods

fee: 2.50 %

  • Card Diners
  • Card JCB
  • Card Mastercard
  • Card Visa

Please note that if you use your credit card for gambling purposes your issuer may charge a ‘cash advance' fee. This fee is outside Skrill’s control, and we receive no part of it.

Local payment methods

fee: 3.49 %


fee: EUR 5.50(EUR 5.50)

  • Swift

fee: Up to 7.50 %

  • Card Mastercard

Skrill Money Transfer

International Transfer

Zero fees*

Send money by bank transfer

International Transfer

Up to 1%

Send money by debit card, Paysafecash, Bank transfer via Sofort/Klarna

International Transfer

Up to 2.99%

Send money by credit card

International transfer in the same send and receive currency only

Up to 4.99%

Send money fee per transaction.

International transfer exchange rate mark-up

Up to 4.99%

Exchange rate mark-up fee per transaction.

Domestic Transfer

Up to 2%

Domestic fee per transaction. This transaction fee will be charged when the transfer begins and ends in the same country.

Receive money

Zero fees*

Skrill Money Transfer does not charge recipients any fee to receive

*Charges may apply where currency conversion is involved.


Skrill to Skrill

Send money


Sending money to other Skrillers

*Minimum fee of EUR 0.50 is applied.

Zero fees*

Receive money

*Receiving money never incurs a transaction fee when currency conversion is not involved

You will see the applicable transaction fee before you complete your transaction.

Service Fee

No service fee applies as long as you log in or make a transaction at least once every 6 months.

Otherwise a service fee of EUR 5.00 (or equivalent) will be deducted monthly from your account.

Currency conversion

If a transaction requires a currency conversion, we will use the Skrill exchange rate which applies at the time we carry out the transaction. The Skrill exchange rate is a reference exchange rate set by us and changes continuously throughout each day. You can find details of the Skrill exchange rate applying at the time, for a conversion between two particular currencies, here. We will also charge you a foreign exchange fee of 4.49%.

  Skriller True Skriller Silver VIP Gold / Diamond VIP
Crypto 1.50 % 1.50 % 1.40 % 1.30 %
Crypto P2P 0.50 % per transaction


Please note that the Skrill Cryptocurrency Service is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Cryptocurrencies are unregulated in the UK. Capital Gains Tax or other taxes may apply. The value of investments is variable and can go down as well as up.
Your use of the Skrill Cryptocurrency Service is subject to the Cryptocurrency Terms of Use.
You should also familiarise yourself with the Cryptocurrency Risk Statement.

In accordance with the Skrill Account Terms of Use:

Provision of inaccurate or untruthful information and lack of cooperation fee (s. 4.5) up to EUR 150
Chargeback fee (s. 8.3) EUR 25 per chargeback
Attempted cash upload fee (s. 8.12) EUR 10 per upload
Prohibited Transactions fees (s. 11) up to EUR 150 per instance
Reversal of a wrong transaction fee (s. 12.7) up to EUR 25 per reversal attempt