Pay 0% on fees

  • Using your Skrill wallet online? Free.
  • Receiving money from a friend? Free.
  • Uploading funds? Free.
  • Skrill Visa® Prepaid card? Free.
  • Sending money to an e-mail or Skrill wallet? That’s free too.

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  • Deposit funds Please note that if you use your credit card for gambling purposes your issuer may charge a ‘cash advance' fee. This fee is outside Skrill’s control, and we receive no part of it.

    Local payment methods

    • Bank Account via ACH
    • Bank Account via ACH or Wire Transfer
    • Bank Transfer
    fee: Free of charge 0.00 %

    Global payment methods

    • Credit Card MasterCard
    • Credit Card Visa
    • Paysafecard
    fee: Free of charge 0.00 %
  • Withdraw funds

    Global payment methods

    fee: Free of charge 0.00 %
  • Send money, Receive money

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    Fee: Free!

    Receive money


    Receiving money is always free of charge


    Your Skrill Account is free for personal use as long as you log in or make a transaction at least every 12 months.

    If you don't do this, a service fee of USD 5.00 (or equivalent) will be deducted monthly from the funds in your account.

  • Currency conversion

    For transactions involving currency conversion Skrill adds a fee of 3.99% to our wholesale exchange rates. The exchange rates vary and will be applied immediately without notice to you.