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28 Mar 2022

Five players to watch over the international break

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Clubs often look for new signings during international breaks. The performances of players with their national teams because sometimes making a difference at high levels also means dealing with the international stage. Keep a close eye on these five players...

Renato Sanches (Portugal)

Now a star with Lille, Renato has been on the list of many clubs since last summer. Barcelona wanted him (even though his injury compromised the deal), and he is now on the list of AC Milan, as well as a few English clubs. He has to show his qualities again with Portugal, and then in the summer he will certainly be able to leave Lille.

Domenico Berardi (Italy)

His performance with Sassuolo has been excellent for years, so the time has come for an opportunity in a top club. Leicester requested him last summer, AC Milan, Rome and other Italian clubs have shown interest. But we don't rule out surprises for Berardi – an experienced and talented winger.

Raphinha (Brazil)

Leeds are not going through an easy period, but Raphinha is a truly extraordinary player. A winger capable of scoring goals, providing assists and more. Tite strongly believes in him for Brazil, but pay attention to his name, because Chelsea, Barcelona, Liverpool and other top clubs have taken information on Raphinha for the summer.

Lautaro Martinez (Argentina)

Barcelona and Tottenham wanted him a year ago, but Inter declared him untouchable after the sale of Romelu Lukaku. Now the rumours are back for the Argentinian star. Inter have extended his contract for five years, but he is a name always present in the lists of the top clubs, and it will be a summer of many important strikers. Watch out for the domino effect.

Antony (Brazil)

His season with Ajax has been truly incredible. He has excellent skills, excellent numbers and still enormous potential. In Spain and England, the top clubs have already asked Ajax for information on Antony – it will be a summer full of ‘assaults’ for the Brazilian star.

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