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25 Aug 2022

The secret to a winning deadline day

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The transfer market is never easy for any club, and often things can go wrong if there isn’t careful planning. Watch the video below to get Fabrizio’s insider knowledge of how the big clubs get ready for transfer deadline day.

Prepare the contacts

It's important to not only speak with the players, but also their agents and intermediaries. If there are any sudden changes, this is crucial to make sure communication is fast and a deal goes through smoothly.

Internal communications

The club's internal communications are very important, but due to the size of their leadership teams, it can be difficult to coordinate all the moving parts. The board, directors and managers all need to be on the same page, otherwise opportunities can be lost.


This may seem trivial, but many deadline day deals have collapsed because clubs have not managed to sign the paperwork in time. Sometimes they are waiting until after the medical, sometimes they are simply not ready. Getting paperwork sorted in good time is key.

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