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22 Nov 2023

Betting on football: A beginner’s guide

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Known and loved by over 3.5 billion people, football transcends the playing field to create an exhilarating sports betting ecosystem where enthusiasts can test their knowledge. If you’re considering betting on sports, here’s a detailed guide to getting started with football betting, including the basics of choosing matches and placing bets today.

What football competitions can I bet on?

There are lots of options when betting on football. From national competitions to international tournaments, each event offers various online betting opportunities. Let’s dive into this in detail:

  • National leagues and national cups: Every country hosts its own football tournaments, so there’s a range of matches to bet on. Examples include the Argentine, Mexican, Peruvian leagues, the Colombian cup, as well as European cups and leagues.
  • International club competitions: These tournaments bring together the best teams and players from different countries, often resulting in exciting matches and interesting sports bets. Competitions held in Europe, South America, and North America are some of the most vibrant.
  • National team cups: These sporting events are the largest and most prestigious in the world. Held every two to four years, they attract millions of spectators and punters globally. Continental cups, qualifiers, and the world cup stand out. It’s in these larger tournaments that the best football teams in the world go head-to-head.
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How to start betting on football

Understanding the world of football betting can be challenging. You can follow these steps to get started:

  • Choose a popular competition: Focusing on the most popular competitions is a good idea as they’re easily accessible and there’s often a lot of data about them online. For example, if you select a popular football league like the English league, you can quickly find valuable information such as: tournament statistics, team line-ups for upcoming matches, player performances in recent matches, or updates on player injuries.
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  • Research before betting: Never bet blindly. As mentioned in the previous point, it’s advisable to make bets based on team data. For this, you can use Skrill’s Sports Corner, an excellent resource that allows you to learn more about the games if betting today, as well as researching and understanding the teams and competitions before you bet. For instance, if you want to bet that there will be more than 2.5 goals in the match, remember to review the scoring statistics of the teams facing each other.
  • Learn the basics: Before you start betting on football, it’s essential to understand the basics of sports betting and how these bets work. This includes understanding odds, different types of bets, and the factors (team performance, head-to-head record, injuries and more) that bookmakers analyse to set market odds for a specific match. In addition, for each market you intend to bet on, understand the terms and conditions.
  • Choose a reputable betting site: Ensure the site is licensed and regulated by a recognised authority, offers a variety of betting markets, and has flexible deposit and withdrawal options, such as Skrill, for quick and hassle-free transactions. It’s also important to check that their customer service is efficient.
    Remember to research the site’s reputation by reading reviews and comments from other users on the internet. Finally, pay attention to attractive offers and bonuses, but always read the associated terms and conditions.

Advanced strategies to enhance your football betting

  • Set a betting budget: Before diving into the world of football betting, it’s crucial to define a specific budget. This should be an amount you’re willing to lose without it affecting your financial stability or personal wellbeing. This approach will help you bet responsibly and avoid unnecessary financial risks.
  • Specialise in one or two leagues: Diversifying your bets can be tempting, but it’s worth focusing on a league or sport you know well. This will allow you to focus your attention on analysing and understanding the statistics, players, and matches for that competition, increasing your chances of making informed sports bets.
  • Betting records and performance evaluation: Keeping a detailed record of your bets allows you to evaluate your performance and improve your approach. Record any relevant details, such as the date, sport, type of bet, odds, and whether you won or lost. This monitoring will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses – and adjust your tactics according to the results.
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Pay and play with Skrill

Choosing a secure and reliable platform to manage your betting transactions is equally essential. Skrill’s digital wallet stands out because it provides sports bettors with several benefits:

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  • Speed and convenience: Make deposits and withdrawals quickly while keeping your betting funds separate from your bank account.
  • Acceptance and promotions: The Skrill wallet is accepted on hundreds of betting sites, allowing you to switch between bookmakers to take advantage of the best odds. In addition, we often partner with bookmakers that accept Skrill to offer exclusive offers and promotions.
  • Privacy: Move money to and from betting sites by entering your Skrill credentials. There’s no need to enter personal information or card numbers.

Venturing into the world of football betting can be exciting, but take the following precautions:

  • Select popular competitions and base your football bets on in-depth research.
  • Have a basic understanding of the sport bets you’re going to make and opt for reputable sites.
  • Set a budget, specialise in a few leagues, and keep a detailed record of your betting history.
  • Use the Skrill wallet for your transactions, benefiting from its speed, convenience, privacy, promotions, and wide acceptance across a range of bookmakers.
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