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14 Jul 2023

What are the advantages of a prepaid card?

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woman paying online with Skrill master card

A prepaid card is a card that you can top up with money and reload it whenever you want. You can use the money on your prepaid card to cover your day-to-day expenses; whether you’re buying a meal at a restaurant or paying for concert tickets online.

The Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® is a prepaid card that’s linked to your Skrill account. You can use it to make purchases in physical stores or online as if it were an ordinary card linked to a bank account. All while enjoying extra benefits and features.

Why do I need a prepaid card?

The advantages of a Skrill prepaid card include:

1. No need for a bank account: Your reloadable card is separate from your bank account, giving you greater freedom and security.

2. No need for a credit check: Your credit rating has no impact on your eligibility for a prepaid card. In turn, your use of the card won't impact your credit rating.

3. No risk of going overdrawn: You can only spend the amount you’ve loaded onto the card, so there’s no room to get carried away and buy more than you can afford.

4. Increased security: If your Skrill card is lost or stolen, you have the option of locking and unlocking it from the Skrill app. Plus, with no direct link to your bank account, your bank balance is never at risk.

5. Convenience: You can make contactless payments in stores and pay for goods and services online wherever Mastercard is accepted.

6. Acceptance abroad: The Skrill card is a great option for travellers who don’t want to carry large amounts of cash with them when traveling abroad. Use the currency balance of your prepaid card to pay at great exchange rates.

paying with a Skrill Mastercard

How to get a Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®

The Skrill Mastercard comes with all the benefits and features described above. Simply follow these steps to apply for one today:

1. Create a Skrill account via the website or mobile app.

2. Request a card.

3. Instantly receive a digital copy of your Skrill Mastercard and add it to your Apple Pay® or Google Pay™ account.

close-up on a Skrill prepaid mastercard

4. Receive your Skrill card within 6 business days with express delivery and activate it at a store or ATM by inserting it into the machine and typing your card PIN.

5. Use card – make payments or withdraw your balance as cash anywhere Mastercard is accepted

Open a Skrill account

In your day-to-day life, you need a payment method that is easy and convenient to use, with a higher level of security than most traditional payment methods and which is independent from your bank account.

The Skrill Prepaid Mastercard gives you all these benefits and more. Get it in virtual format immediately or as a physical card in just ten working days and you will have hassle-free payments for your everyday expenses.

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