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05 Dec 2022

Forza Skrillan: Behind-the-scenes photos and videos

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The making of Forza Skrillan

Skrill and AC Milan have long had the ambition to team up on a reality show and give a group of dedicated fans the chance to meet their idols. With Forza Skrillan, we wanted to give something back to the Rossoneri community by creating a mini-series that brings you closer to the club, its staff and two legendary players than you’ve ever been before.

Has the latest episode left you wanting to see more? Below you can check out behind-the-scenes photos and videos showing what went on while the cameras weren’t rolling.

Daniele Masaro preparing

Daniele Massaro gets ready to introduce his team in front of the trophy cabinet.

Massaro and Baresi arrive on set.

Daniele Massaro Franco Baresi

The Skrill team add the finishing touches to the pitch.

Team Massaro practices ball control.

Team Baresi warming up.

Franco Baresi assesses the game.

Franco Baresi on sideline

Team Massaro’s Giuseppe Ciani shows us how many kick-ups he can reach.

Team Baresi’s Luca Daniel opens his bag of Skrill swag.

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