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09 Jun 2022

Q&A with Alessandro Bruno-Bossio on our chatbot Sofia

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Alessandro Bruno-Bossio is our SVP of Consumer Services at Skrill, and is responsible for the operation of our business from a consumer perspective.

We caught up with him to find out about our chatbot Sofia, how it works, and to discover how it gives our customers the best possible experience.

Alessandro Brunio-Bossio

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are computer programs which can carry out human-like conversations, based on artificial intelligence (AI). AI-powered chatbots understand free language, but also have a predefined flow to make sure they support customers when in need.

They can remember the context of the conversation and the user’s preferences. These chatbots can jump from one point of conversation scenario to another when needed and address random user requests at any moment.

They can also be programmed to answer specific, frequently asked questions, or take specific actions to assist in real time a customer, with no waiting times.

How does it work?

Sofia is a complex AI-based chatbot. It uses various technologies, such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning to carry out human-like conversations.

We are constantly training Sofia’s natural language processing model and the content of the responses to make sure Sofia understands the way our customers speak and has an answer for the kind of questions they ask.

Where did the name come from?

The name of the chatbot is Sofia, from sophia, the Greek word for wisdom. It was also named after Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, where the chatbot was first created.

What languages does Sofia speak?

She speaks English, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. 

When can you use Sofia and what can she help you with?

Sofia is available to support our clients 24/7.  

She can help you with questions about your account, payments, fees and many more topics related to our services.

She can help you navigate and learn how to use your account, for example by playing a short video pointing you in the right direction on the website.

If you’re an experienced user, she can help you make a successful deposit or withdrawal – for example, if a payment fails, she can tell you exactly why it happened and give you step-by-step instructions on what to do to get it processed. 

If your query needs a human touch, she can transfer you to a live agent. For example, if you can’t log in to your account, start a chat via the Help page, make sure to follow the instructions Sofia gives you and she’ll connect you to a live agent who can help you log in.

For time-sensitive inquiries, Sofia is able to log a case for an agent on your behalf and get it prioritised. 

Remember, it’s best to chat with Sofia from the ‘Contact us’ section of your account as you will have a more personalised experience and content based on your account specifics. 

What perks are there for VIP members?

VIP members can enjoy 24/7 live chat with an agent upon their request. Make sure to start the chat from the ‘Contact us’ section of your account and select ‘Chat with a VIP support agent’.

Is Sofia secure?

At Skrill, we take the security of our consumers very seriously. We have ensured that Sofia uses a set of complex security features to protect your data. Sometimes, she might ask you to provide personal information, such as your date of birth, however, that information is only used for authentication purposes and only when necessary.

What’s next?

Sofia is constantly learning new topics and being trained to provide tailored answers. In the upcoming months, you’ll be able to chat with Sofia from the Skrill mobile app, allowing you to interact with Sofia on the go.

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Sofia can help you with questions about your account, payments, and fees.

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