What crypto services does Skrill offer?

Don't invest unless you're prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take two minutes to learn more.

The Skrill Cryptocurrency Service is currently available in selected countries only. If you don’t see a Crypto section in your account, this means you can’t perform crypto transactions.

If you are a resident of an eligible country, you can use your Skrill account to:

  • Trade crypto 

You can buy and sell crypto using your primary Skrill account balance in fiat currency (EUR, USD, etc.), allowing you to hold an interest in a range of cryptocurrencies. 

  • Set up price alerts 

With this functionality you can receive email and push notifications when a desired crypto exchange rate is reached and monitor price changes.

  • Schedule recurring and limit orders 

Such orders are executed automatically offline when a desired crypto exchange rate is reached or on a recurring basis of your choice. You can use them to take advantage of price movements and let your crypto portfolio grow through scheduled investments without logging in to your Skrill account.

  • Send crypto to other Skrill customers 

You can send cryptocurrency to another Skrill customer from any of your available crypto balances. 

  • Withdraw money to a crypto wallet 

This option allows you to withdraw money from your available fiat balance (EUR, USD, etc.) to an external crypto wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD Coin address.

Crypto services that we do not offer yet are: 

  • Deposits from external crypto wallets to your Skrill account
  • Withdrawals of cryptocurrencies to external crypto wallets
  • Paying online using crypto balances available in your Skrill account

For customers with registration country Italy:  From 15 July 2022, to perform crypto transactions, you are required to verify your Skrill account (if you haven’t done so already) and fill out a personal information form accessible from the Crypto section in your account. If you are an Italian citizen, you would also have to provide your Tax ID. 

Rest assured that your personal information will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy and only for the purpose of providing you with our services as required by regulators.  

How can I stay informed about releases of new products and features?

We recommend staying connected with us through our website, social media channels, and email newsletters. By doing so, you'll receive timely updates about our new features and product releases, including any information about the availability of our cryptocurrency services.

To ensure you will receive marketing communications, adjust your preferences by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Skrill account from a web browser and go to Settings > Marketing preferences.
  2.  Log in from our mobile app and navigate to Profile > Privacy settings > Marketing preferences.

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