What are my account limits?

At Skrill we aim at providing you with flawless customer experience with as little limitations as possible. However, in order to comply with different regulatory requirements your Skrill account has different transaction limits, depending on your account verification status or the selected deposit/ withdrawal option.

Where can I see my transaction limits?

The limits are visible in your account under the selected transaction option. For most of the deposit, withdrawal or transfer options you have a minimum and/ or a maximum limit. Before initiating a transaction, always make sure you have enough available balance.

How can I increase my limits?

Completing just a few simple verification steps will increase your transaction limits.

Identity Verification Limits

There are several levels of identity and address verification. As a financial institution Skrill may request that you prove your identity by uploading an image of your ID, passport, driver’s license, etc. Allowing geolocation on your browser, or uploading an address verification document will verify your current address. Full account verification ensures higher limits for all transaction types.

Card Verification

In some cases, we may ask you to verify your credit or debit card. You will see an “Increase limit” button next to your card in your Skrill account >> Deposit Section. Click on it and a 4-digit code will be assigned to your next deposit. Find it in your online banking, return to your Skrill account, and enter it in the system.

What is a rolling period?

Skrill transaction limits are based on daily, weekly and/or monthly rolling time periods. The rolling period begins from the date/time you completed a transaction and will be in effect until X amount of time has passed.

Here is an example of how rolling periods work:

If you have a daily deposit limit of 1000 EUR with a given deposit option and you deposit 1000 EUR at 9:00 AM on Monday, you will be unable to deposit more money using this option until 9:01 AM on Tuesday.

What are my Skrill Card limits?

Your Skrill physical and virtual card limits are displayed real time within the Skrill wallet >> Skrill section >> Spending Limits Section.

You can manage your limits from the same section.

What to do if I have reached my transaction limits?

Verify your identity, and your address. Alternatively, use a different deposit/ withdrawal option or wait for 24h and try again.

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