Rapid Transfer

Online banking is a popular way for consumers to pay. Rapid Transfer lets your customers pay directly from their bank account without leaving your website, instantly and conveniently. Reach consumers who prefer the security of online banking instead of credit cards or alternative payment methods.

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What is Rapid Transfer?

Rapid Transfer is an instant online payment method that currently supports 100+ banks and reaches more than 110 million European consumers. Customers pay in seconds and payments are authorized by customers using their existing online banking login details.

It provides merchants with a cost effective, high converting and safe payment instrument while consumers enjoy an easy, instant and secure method of payment for their goods or service.

Why Rapid Transfer?

  • Instant payment method with high customer acceptance
  • Customers pay directly from their online banking account, no registration necessary
  • You accept payments at low cost and low risk
  • No PCI DSS or 3D secure costs
  • Full chargeback protection
  • Instant notification of successful payment lets you ship goods immediately

The customer experience…

Is simple, familiar, quick and secure. Your customers simply login as usual to authorise their payments directly through their online bank account. They benefit from all of their bank's online security measures. During Checkout, the Rapid Transfer interface connects them with their bank.

Easy to integrate

Rapid Transfer is as easy to integrate as a direct integration, through the Skrill Digital Wallet, Rapid Transfer Payment Processing or Shopping Cart plug-ins.

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