Can a Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® payment make my account balance negative?

Although you can only make Skrill card payments using your available primary balance and cannot spend more than what you have, in rare instances, you might incur a negative balance.

Common reasons include:

  • Offline card payments may create a negative balance if you do not hold sufficient funds to cover your offline transaction. Offline payments can include transactions made on ships or airplanes where the POS terminal lacks internet connection and cannot send a payment request to your card issuer at the time of the purchase, but rather sends it at a later stage.
  • Duplicate transactions may occur in instances where our system cannot match your original transaction with the transaction settlement sent by the merchant, creating a duplicate pending transaction. The second payment usually gets cleared automatically within several days. If the duplicate payment does not clear automatically, contact us via the contact channels at the bottom of this article.
  • Currency exchange rate fluctuations may create a negative balance when there is a significant delay between the authorization of your transaction and its actual funding. Although there have been enough funds in your account to cover the transaction when it was first authorized, if exchange rates have changed, there may not be quite enough to cover the transaction once it is confirmed. This is not common, as currency fluctuations usually remain within a few cents.

To cover your negative balance, visit the Deposit section in your account, and fund your account via a payment method convenient for you.

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