Skrill PIN Authentication

What is PIN Authentication? 

The PIN Authentication is an additional security feature that helps you increase the security level of your Skrill account. It's used for for authentication such as logging into your Skrill account or the Skrill app, as well as to authorize some of your payments. 

How do I set up my PIN? 

After you've registered your account, upon your next login you'll be prompted to select a security option: Create a PIN or Google Authenticator app. In case you don't set up a PIN then, you'll have the same option upon your next login.

Once you've clicked Create a PIN, you'll be asked to enter your new PIN and matching PIN to confirm. Keep in mind the following requirements:

  • Your PIN must match the confirmation PIN
  • The code must be 6 digits long
  • Your PIN must be strong. Don’t choose a code that is too easy: any repeating (e.g. 111111, 555555, etc.) or consecutive digits (e.g. 123456, 234567, 987654, 876543, etc.), or dates of birth. You'll see an error message if you try to enter a weak PIN and will be asked to enter a new one.

When using a new device to log in or when sending money to a new recipient, you'll be asked to confirm your PIN code. If you trust the device or the given recipient, you can mark them as 'trusted' and you won't be asked to confirm your PIN next time.

I've forgotten my PIN, how do I retrieve it?

After you've already set up a PIN, there are three options to retrieve it:

Skrill mobile app

Upon login, if you enter your email and password correctly, you'll be asked to select a login method (PIN or Touch ID) and then asked to enter your PIN code. Click the Forgot PIN? button and you'll receive a PIN reset link to your registered email, along with instructions on how to continue with the retrieval process. Once you receive the email, the link will be valid for 24 hours only.

If you enter incorrect credentials, however, you'll need to contact Skrill Customer Support via one of the available channels below.

Skrill website/My account

You can retrieve your PIN code from your account only if you have access.

Simply visit the Settings section, scroll down to the Securitytab and click Reset next to Reset PIN. You'll receive a PIN reset link to your registered email, along with instructions on how to continue with the retrieval process. The reset link will be valid for 24 hours only, so make sure to check your inbox on time.

Contact Skrill Customer Support

To get in touch with us, simply click on one of the available channels below. When calling support, make sure to have your Customer ID ready or generate a Caller ID for faster resolution.

I didn't receive the PIN reset email, what should I do?

The PIN reset link is sent via an automated email, which may often end up in your 'Spam', 'Junk' or 'Deleted' folder. Make sure to check all of your inbox folders and also add <> to your address list to ensure future receipt of such emails. 

Some domain providers may apply restrictions on certain incoming emails, so check with your provider to find out if there are any and ask them for assistance.

Note: The less known domains may have issues with receiving emails from Skrill. If you're using a provider other than Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Protonmail and iCloud and you don't receive the Skrill auto emails, contact us via the available channels below and we'll update your email address.

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