How can I increase my transaction limits?

As a Skrill customer, your account is subject to lifetime aggregate limits, based on all incoming transactions to your wallet. This means that transactions such as deposits and money transfers from other Skrill customers or merchants will be aggregated to your used limit. Fees and refunds are excluded from the calculation. The limits apply to all U.S. residents, along with residents of all serviced U.S. Protectorates.

Check out the limit thresholds below:

  • Limit level 1: 0 USD to 999.99 USD. You’ll receive it as soon as you sign up and pass the initial account verification
  • Limit level 2: 1,000 USD to 2,999.99 USD. You’ll need to submit your ID and/or verify your bank account to increase your limit*. If you choose to verify your bank account, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the next level.
  • Limit level 3: 3,000 USD to unlimited. You’ll be asked to verify your bank account to reach this level.

*Important note for residents of Florida and New Mexico:

Due to state regulatory requirements, to increase your limit to 2,999.99 USD or higher, you must submit a copy of your ID. If you verify your bank account before submitting your ID, your limit won’t be increased until you provide your ID. If you've already done so, you'll be asked to submit a second/different ID to verify your details.

Where can I see my limits?

You’ll always be able to check your current limit and the remaining amount by going to Settings > Limit and verification. When you’re close to exhausting your current limit, you’ll see a banner in your account within the Dashboard, prompting you to complete the additional verification so you can continue with your payments:

If you try to deposit an amount that exceeds your current limit, you’ll see an Increase Limit link that will take you to the verification steps.

I’ve already submitted my ID, why do you need it again?

If you already uploaded a copy of your ID as part of your initial account verification, you should submit a secondary/alternative ID of yours. Apart from the usual identity documents we accept (check Related articles below), you can submit an international passport, ID card or driving license as your secondary ID.

In case you’ve submitted a secondary ID for past verifications, you’ll only need to verify your bank account.

How does the bank account verification work?

We offer you two methods to verify your bank account. The first one is an instant and automated process where you’ll be asked to select your bank from a list with supported banks.

If you don’t find your bank there, you’ll be asked to manually enter your bank account details. You will then receive two micro-deposits to your bank account (0.01 USD to 0.99 USD), which you’ll be prompted to enter in a pop-up window within two weeks:

Note: On the Skrill mobile app you can verify your bank account only automatically. If your bank isn’t listed, you’ll need to enter your details via website login at

I don’t want to verify, what should I do?

If you don’t want to complete further verification, you can always send your money to another Skrill customer, pay online, or withdraw to your bank account.  

Keep in mind that if you receive money from a merchant or another Skrill customer over the amount of your current limit, your incoming transactions will be restricted until you verify.


Make use of our self-service verification options and enjoy a quick and easy process! In case you come across any issues, check out the articles below or contact our Customer Support.

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