Introducing Sofia: Skrill’s Virtual Assistant

Sofia is the latest and most innovative addition to the Skrill Help Team – she is an interactive virtual assistant and is there to chat with you 24/7 on our Help page when you click the Ask Sofia a question button at the bottom right corner of your screen. You can now also start a chat when you log into your account and navigate to the Contact us section and then click the Contact us button:

For a better chat experience, contact us directly from your account – Sofia will then be able to help you in a more personalized manner. However, the in-account chat is currently available only if your account language is English and if you’re using a web browser to log in.

What can Sofia help you with?

Sofia can understand short sentences in English and:

  • will point you to the right article in our Frequently Asked Questions, saving you the time to browse or search for it;
  • give you tips what to do if you can’t log in;
  • guide you through the verification process and advise you on the documents we may need;
  • answer questions about payment options: what options we support, fees and timeframes specific to your account, as well as help you with any failed transactions;
  • guide you through the account navigation by playing short videos;
  • transfer you to a live chat with an agent or recommend the best channel to contact us, if she’s unable to help you.

If you’ve moved to another country, however, Sofia can’t update your address for you, but she’ll give you instructions on how to do it right away. If Sofia thinks you need help from a Customer Service agent, she may not always be able to transfer you to a live chat, but she’ll point you to the best contact channel based on your inquiry.

How to get the best use of Sofia?

  • Your message should be short and clear.
  • Send just one sentence and one message at a time.
  • Use the options (buttons) that Sofia gives after asking a clarifying question – this helps her give you a more customized answer.

What about your security?

When chatting with Sofia, don't input any personal data, including your address, e-mail, password, customer ID, transaction ID, or any bank account or credit/debit card details, unless asked specifically for authentication purposes. If Sofia recognizes this type of data, she’ll automatically obfuscate it. Interactions with Sofia are protected by the same privacy and security features applied on the Skrill website. 

What’s next for Sofia?

Sofia is getting better every day as she learns from chatting with you, the feedback you give her in the end of your conversation, and the new topics we’re training her on. Stay tuned as Sofia keeps learning how to help you with requests even more specific to your own account.

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