How do I make an online purchase using Skrill?

Skrill is widely accepted and makes it easy for you to pay online. There are two main ways to do this:

  • paying with your Skrill account balance
  • paying with one of the available funding options for your Skrill account (i.e., credit/debit card, instant bank transfer or prepaid voucher)

It’s up to the merchant to choose which payment methods to accept.

To check out with Skrill, follow these steps:

  1. On the merchant website, navigate to the Checkout/Cashier section. Select Skrill as your preferred payment method. If you’re making a deposit, enter your desired amount.
  2. You will then be transferred to Skrill and asked to log into your account or sign up for one.
  3. Choose a payment method that suits you; if you have enough balance, you may wish to pay with it directly. If you prefer to use your stored card or bank account, select it instead.
  4. Confirm your payment and you’ll be taken back to the merchant website.

Skrill doesn't share your financial information with betting sites and every transaction is encrypted.

Note: You may be notified that a certain amount or the total of your balance isn’t available for this transfer. Depending on the method you used to top up your Skrill account, the funds may be restricted for online payments. 

What are the limits and fees?

We generally don't charge fees for online payments. However, for transactions involving currency conversion, Skrill adds a small fee to our wholesale exchange rates.

Also note that Skrill applies transaction limits based on your account verification and activity. We’ll display the allowable limit for each payment method at the time of the transaction.

I have transferred money to a website, but they haven’t received it. What should I do?

Transfers from your Skrill account to merchant websites are instant. Sometimes, however, a merchant might be unable to locate the money you’ve transferred to them. 

If this happens, contact us by clicking on the available contact channel below. We’ll locate your transaction and provide you with more details, which the merchant can then use to locate your payment on their side.

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