Why do I have a pending Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® payment?

Upon completing a card payment, Skrill deducts the money from your available balance and blocks it, creating a "pending" transaction. A transaction may remain pending until the merchant either collects the funds or in some cases, sends a request to cancel the particular transaction. 

How long does it take to complete a pending card payment?

For general purchases such as ATM withdrawals, restaurant/physical in-store purchases, and e-commerce shopping: up to 7 calendar days.

For car rentals, and travel and entertainment purchases such as hotel payments, airlines, travel agencies/tour operators: up to 30 calendar days.

If the merchant does not collect the money within the above timeframes, we will release the funds back to your available balance. In case you`ve received the goods or services, the merchant may still request to collect the funds at a later stage, even if your balance was released manually from our side or after its usual pending period.

Duplicate transactions

Occasionally, you may see a new pending transaction for a payment that was completed, and the amount for the purchase already collected from your Skrill account. This happens if merchants do not send sufficient information with their financial settlement, and our system fails to match your original transaction with the transaction settlement sent by the merchant. Duplicate transactions get cleared automatically within several days.

What is a pending refund transaction?

You may see a pending transaction if you have an incoming prepaid card refund. When a merchant initiates a refund, they might send us a refund notification, which we then reflect in your Skrill account`s transaction history. We cannot speed up your refund. The pending refund transaction will not be added to your balance until the actual receipt of funds within our system.

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