Skrill Money Transfer "Refer a Friend Program" Terms and Conditions

[Version 1 - June 2020]

The Skrill USA Money Transfer Service Refer a Friend Program (“SMT RaF Program”) allows you to receive Referral Credits from Skrill USA for referring prospective New Customers to use the Skrill USA Money Transfer Services. To participate in the SMT RaF Program you (hereinafter “you” or “Referrer”) must comply with these SMT RaF Program terms and conditions (“SMT RaF Terms and Conditions”) at all times. Please read them carefully. By accessing and using the SMT RaF Program, you are agreeing to these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions.

1. Definitions and Interpretation.

1.1 The Skrill USA Terms of Use and the Skrill USA Money Transfer Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time, are incorporated into and form part of these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions and apply to Referrer and the Referrer Member Account. The Skrill USA Terms of Use are available at and the Skrill USA Money Transfer Terms and Conditions are available at In the event of any inconsistency between any of the provisions of the Skrill USA Terms of Use, the Skrill USA Money Transfer Terms and Conditions and these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions, to the extent of the inconsistency, these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions will prevail.

1.2 Unless stated otherwise, capitalized words used herein have the same meaning as in the Skrill USA Terms of Use and the Skrill USA Money Transfer Terms and Conditions.

1.3 The following terms when used in these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions shall have the following meaning: 

a) “Applicable Laws and Regulations” means any law, statute, rule, regulation, order, circular, decree, directive, judgment, decision or other similar mandate of any applicable federal, state or local governmental authority having competent jurisdiction over, or application to, the Referrer, a Referred Member, or subject matter in question.

b) “Approved Media” means links on webpages, internet pages, mobile platforms or applications (and social media sites (including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram) or any other digital environment where you have a valid right and authorization to publish content. Email is expressly excluded from Approved Media.

c) “Claims” has the meaning set forth in section 12.1.

d) “ClaimPeriod” has the meaning set forth in section 12.1.

e) “Eligible Transaction” means a transaction as specified in section 4.1.

f) “Intellectual Property” means Skrill USA’s or Skrill USA’s affiliated companies’ patents, trademarks, copyrights, design rights (whether registrable or not), logos, copyright, trade, business and domain names, moral rights, know-how, trade secrets, rights in databases, rights in computer software and any other similar rights or obligations whether registrable or not (and including all applications and renewals or extensions of such rights) in any country.

g) “Member Account” means the digital wallet account registered with Skrill USA in the name of a Member.

h) “New Customer” means a customer who, at the time of the referral by Referrer to Skrill USA in accordance with section 3, does not have an existing Member Account.

i) “Prohibited Activities” means the activities set out in section 10.1 or any other activities notified to the Referrer by Skrill USA from time to time.

j) “Referral Code” means a unique number or a combination of numbers and letters assigned to your Member Account.

k) “Referral Credit(s)” means the referral credit(s) payable by Skrill USA to Referrer for the referral of the Skrill USA Money Transfer Services to Referred Members in accordance with section 5.3 (Referral Credits).

l) “Referred Member” means a New Customer who was referred by Referrer to Skrill USA Money Transfer Services using the Referral Code provided by Referrer, has registered a Member Account in accordance with the Skrill USA Terms of Use and who has successfully completed an Eligible Transaction.

m) “Referrer Member Account” means the Member Account(s) held in the name of Referrer with Skrill USA that the Referred Members’ accounts are tagged to.

n) “Skrill USA Money Transfer Service” means the Skrill USA Money Transfer Service available at

0) “Tagged Account” means the Member Account of a Referred Member that has been tagged to the Referrer Member Account for the purpose of generating Referral Credit(s).

2. Referrals.

2.1 Referrer shall co-operate in good faith with Skrill USA to promote and refer the Skrill USA Money Transfer Service to New Customers in accordance with these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions. Referrer acknowledges and agrees that Skrill USA may in its sole discretion decide whether or not to accept New Customers as Referred Members.

2.2 Referrer confirms that Referrer has the consent of the New Customer prior to making the referral to such New Customer. Referrer shall not refer any individual to Skrill USA who has not given their agreement to be so referred.

2.3 The legal relationship between Skrill USA and any Referred Member will be the sole remit and responsibility of Skrill USA. With the exception of section 3.2 (Referral Credit(s)), Skrill USA will not be liable to provide to Referrer any details of such relationships.

2.4 Eligibility Criteria. In order to participate in the SMT RaF Program, you must: (i) have an active Member Account; (ii) have completed one (1) successful Eligible Transaction; (iii) use Approved Media only for the distribution of your Referral Code as explained below; (iv) not use your Member Account for commercial purposes; (v) be at least 18 years of age; and (vi) reside in the United States.

3. SMT RaF Program – How It Works.

3.1 Codes

a) Referral Code. Upon using the Skrill USA Money Transfer Service and successfully completing an Eligible Transaction, you will automatically receive a Referral Code (also available as a link and ready to be shared on Approved Media) on your Member Account registered e-mail that can be shared with up to fifty (50) friends and family members in order for you and them to become eligible for and obtain Referral Credits. The Referral Code can also be found in Referrer’s Member Account under the “Refer a Friend” module and will be sent to your Member Account registered e-mail address.

3.2 Referral Credits

a) Referrers can earn Referral Credits if: (i) a prospective Referred Member clicks on their referral link or uses their Referral Code to authorize an Eligible Transaction and creates an eligible Member Account that complies with the Skrill USA Terms of Use and thus becomes a Referred Member; and (ii) the Referred Member initiates and successfully completes an Eligible Transaction at a minimum transfer amount (as detailed below) using the Referral Code or the referral link. Both you and the Referred Member will receive a Referral Credit that can be used in your next Eligible Transaction.

b) The Referrer will receive the Referral Credit(s) specified for each transaction in the referral link or accompanying promotional materials after the completion of the Referred Member’s Eligible Transaction. A referral link will contain only one Referral Code that can be used by one Referred Member only. If the Referred Member successfully completes an Eligible Transaction, the Referrer will receive the Referral Credits that can be credited against any subsequent Eligible Transaction initiated by the Referrer.

c) Referral Credits may not be earned by creating multiple or using linked Member Accounts. Referral Credits accrued in separate Member Accounts may not be combined into one Member Account.

4. Eligible Transactions.

4.1 A send money transaction using the Skrill USA Money Transfer Services will be an “Eligible Transaction” for the purposes of these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions if:

(a) the transaction amount is equal to or exceeds the minimum transfer amount (excluding fees or taxes, where and if applicable);

(b) the transaction is successfully completed. A transaction will not be an Eligible Transaction, and therefore no Referral Credits will be earned, if: (i) the Referrer uses its own Referral Code in order to initiate transactions between linked accounts; (ii) if the Referred Member’s transaction is cancelled at any time for whatever reason (and is therefore not an Eligible Transaction); and (iii) if the Referred Member makes an attempt to qualify for Referral Credits by sending funds back to you.

4.2 For the avoidance of doubt, please note the following transactions are not Eligible Transactions: (i) Transactions made using your Skrill Visa® Prepaid Card; (ii) uploads to, and withdrawals from, the Referred Member’s Account; (iii) transfers to or from Merchants.

5. Redeeming Referral Credits.

5.1 Referral Credits may only be redeemed via your Member Account. Once earned, Referral Credits will appear on the “Refer a Friend” module in “My Transfers”. Accrued Referral Credits can be redeemed against your next Eligible Transaction: you will receive a one – off credit against the next Eligible Transaction equal to the value of the Referral Credits. Referral Credits must be used within three (3) months from the date on which they are earned, after which they will automatically expire and will no longer be available. Referral Credits cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash. If a transaction initiated by a Referred Member fails and is not successfully completed, your Referral Credits will become available again.

5.2 If for any reason you believe that there is a discrepancy regarding your Referral Credits, please contact us. Skrill USA may require you to submit additional information in order to make a determination regarding your Referral Credits. All decisions regarding your Referral Credits will be final and at Skrill USA’s sole discretion.

5.3 The Referral Credits applicable are shown in the table below. This table shall be subject to change from time to time in Skrill USA’s sole discretion. Any such change shall be communicated as provided for in these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions

Minimum Transfer Amount

Referral Credits

Maximum Referral Credits per transaction

$100 USD

$10 USD

$50 USD

6. Sharing Referral Codes.

6.1 Referrer can share a Referral Code by sharing a link on Approved Media.

6.2 Referral Codes must only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. Referral Codes must only be published or distributed on Approved Media. Any Referral Code shared on any other media or via other means shall be invalidated. Members are prohibited from “spamming” anyone with referral invitations. This includes bulk emailing, texting or messaging unknown people as well as using automated systems or bots through any channel for the purpose of distributing your referral link. Referrers are strictly prohibited from paying to advertise their referral links. Skrill USA reserves the right to sanction any such activity in its sole and reasonable discretion.

7. Referred Members.

7.1 Referred Members who have signed up using a valid Referral Code or link or have submitted the Referral Code upon successful completion of an Eligible Transaction will also receive Referral Credits in the amounts shown in the table above that can be used immediately with their first Eligible Transaction using the Skrill USA Money Transfer Services. Referral Codes may not be transferred to another person, exchanged for cash, or combined with other Skrill USA referral programs or incentives. Referral Codes expire within three (3) months from the date on which you sign up for a Member Account.

8. Multiple Referrals.

8.1 If a Referred Member receives the same Referral Code or link from multiple Referrers, only the Referrer who has the right to distribute that Referral Code or link (as determined by Skrill USA in its sole discretion) shall receive the Referral Credits.

9. General Information.

9.1 Skrill USA, in its sole discretion, may stop paying Referral Credits in respect of a Referred Member where Skrill USA has reasonable grounds to believe the Referred Member concerned:

(a) had a Member Account (either through their direct relationship with Skrill USA or through another third-party) at the time of the referral by Referrer; or

(b) performs or attempts to perform a Prohibited Activity.

9.2 Skrill USA will inform Referrer of any such suspension in advance, or, if this is not possible, immediately afterwards and give its reasons for the suspension unless to do so would compromise our reasonable security measures or would be unlawful.

9.3 The Referral Credits will be inclusive of sales taxes, if applicable, or other applicable service tax.

9.4 Skrill USA shall make Referral Credits reports available to Referrer on the “Refer a Friend” Module on “My Transfers” in such detail as Skrill USA determines from time to time.

9.5 Referral Credits will be credited to the applicable Referrer Member Account. If the applicable Referrer Member Account is closed (whether permanently or temporarily) for any reason, Skrill USA will be unable to pay the Referral Credits. It is Referrer’s responsibility to ensure their Referrer Member Account remains active. Skrill USA shall not be liable to Referrer for any losses or damages incurred due to the Referrer Member Account being suspended or closed.

9.6 Referral Credits will not be granted to Referrer, and Skrill USA shall have the right to revoke any Referral Credits granted to Referrer, for any Referred Member that Skrill USA reasonably suspects relates to illegal or abusive behaviour, fraudulent activity or Prohibited Activities.

10. Prohibited Activities.

10.1 Referrer shall not, and shall ensure that Referred Members do not, perform any of the following activities (“ProhibitedActivities”):

a) create or operate multiple Member Accounts without the prior written consent of Skrill USA;

b) use email for the distribution of a Referral Code;

c) make, in the sole discretion of Skrill USA, fake and/or artificial transactions for the sole purpose of generating Referral Credits;

d) open or operate a Merchant Account, without the prior written consent of Skrill USA.

e) Register a Member Account on behalf of another person;

f) allow any third-parties to publish your Referral Code on their websites, social media or other marketing materials;

g) offer incentives or rewards to New Customers to encourage them to apply for a Member Account;

h) create or employ any mechanism designed to artificially or automatically generate sign- ups to the Skrill USA Money Transfer Services;

i) register a Skrill USA Member Account using counterfeit, forged, imitated, stolen or otherwise altered identification documents;

j) use or create any material that is sexually explicit, offensive, profane, hateful, threatening, harmful, graphically violent, defamatory, libellous, harassing, or discriminatory (whether based on race, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability);

k) disparage or portray Skrill USA or its Referrers in any way that will have a detrimental impact to their reputation;

l) commit, or attempt to commit, fraudulent activity; or

m) make transactions that have no commercial purpose or are not for the personal benefit of the Member Account holder.

11. Referrer Warranties.

11.1 Referrer warrants, represents and undertakes to Skrill USA that:

a) Referrer shall not bid on any keyword or on any pay per click search engines where such keyword contain Intellectual Property owned by Skrill USA (or its licensors) or any variation or misspelling of the same.

b) It shall not, without Skrill USA’s prior written consent and, where applicable, the prior written consent of the intended recipient, engage in the distribution of any bulk emails (spam) in any way mentioning or referencing Skrill USA, the Skrill USA Money Transfer Services or using Skrill USA’s Intellectual Property. Furthermore, Referrer is responsible for ensuring that their communications practices comply with all Applicable Laws and Regulations.

c) Unless authorised by Skrill USA in writing, it shall not offer or give any financial compensation (including but not limited to cashback) or any other reward that is designed to incentivise Referred Members to use the Skrill USA Money Transfer Services.

d) Unless authorised in writing by Skrill USA, it shall not take any action designed to induce, encourage or cause Skrill USA Members to modify or terminate their existing agreement with Skrill USA for the purposes of becoming a Referred Member.

e) It will not make or knowingly benefit from transactions which Skrill USA in its sole but reasonable discretion deems to be suspicious, unauthorized, fraudulent or malicious including without limitation transactions that relate to money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud or other illegal activities.

f) It will co-operate with Skrill USA to investigate any suspected illegal, abusive, or fraudulent activity.

11.2 Skrill USA reserves the right at any time without notice to Referrer to review the Approved Media in its sole discretion and any other forms of communication, media and websites to ensure that Referrer is complying with these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions and the Skrill USA Terms of Use.

12. Dispute Process/Limitation of Liability/Indemnification.

12.1 You have thirty (30) days from the date of each Referral Credit accrual ("ClaimPeriod”) to challenge the amount or calculation of the Referral Credit accrued (“Claims"). Where notice is provided in the Claim Period, Skrill USA shall use reasonable commercial efforts to investigate and resolve any errors or discrepancies and pay any outstanding Referral Credit to you. If you fail to provide notice to Skrill USA of a Claim within the Claim Period, you shall be deemed to approve the Referral Credit. After the Claim Period, Skrill USA shall be under no obligation to investigate any Claims and, to the extent permitted by law, you hereby release and discharge Skrill USA from any and all liability with respect to paying any outstanding Referral Credit that may otherwise have been payable to you.

13. Term and Termination.

13.1 Skrill USA reserves the right to end the SMT RaF Program at any time in its sole discretion by giving you not less than twenty-one (21) days’ prior notice sent to the primary email address registered to your Member Account.

13.2 With respect to Referrer, these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions shall automatically be terminated in case of termination and/or suspension of the Referrer’s Member Account.

13.3 Skrill USA may terminate your participation in the SMT RaF Program immediately and withhold any and all unused Referral Credits if: (i) you commit a material breach of these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions or the Skrill USA Terms of Use; or (ii) Skrill USA in its sole but reasonable discretion believes you or one of your Referred Members has conducted a Prohibited Activity as set out in these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions.

14. Consequences of Termination.

14.1 Upon termination of these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions for whatever reason your participation in the SMT RaF Program shall cease and any and all unused Referral Credits shall be automatically revoked.

14.2 The termination of these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions, however it arises, shall not affect any actual or contingent liabilities or claims of any Party hereto which accrue before these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions terminate.

14.3 Any provision of these Skrill USA RaF Terms and Conditions which imposes an obligation after termination or expiration shall survive the termination or expiration of these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions.

15. Privacy and personal data.

15.1 Processing of personal data is governed by the Skrill USA Privacy Notice which can be found on Skrill USA’s website. Additional information may be required by Skrill USA to verify compliance with these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions.

16. Tax.

16.1 Skrill USA shall not be responsible for any taxes, duties, assessments, fines, levies or other amounts payable by Referrer to any governmental or regulatory authority arising out of these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions. Referrer is responsible for reporting and paying any taxes, duties, assessments, fines, levies or other amounts payable or reportable in relation to Referral Credits earned through the SMT RaF Program.

17. Changes to these Terms and Conditions.

17.1 Skrill USA reserves the right to change these SMT RaF Terms and Conditions at any time including changing the applicable Referral Credits rate and to impose new or additional terms on Referrer’s participation in the SMT RaF Program by providing twenty-one (21) days’ written notice. Your continuous participation in the SMT RaF Program after such changes shall be deemed acceptance thereof.

17.2 The twenty-one (21) day notice period shall not apply where we believe, in our reasonable opinion, that the change neither reduces your rights nor increases your obligations. In such instances, the change will become effective immediately without prior notice.

18. Force majeure.

18.1 Skrill USA shall not be liable if it is unable to perform its obligations due directly or indirectly to any event or circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

19. Miscellaneous.

19.1 The SMT RaF Program shall not be construed to create any employment relationship, agency relationship or partnership between you and Skrill USA or any of its affiliates. You shall have no authority to bind Skrill USA or enter into any agreement on its behalf and nor shall you be considered to be an agent of Skrill USA or any Skrill USA group company in any respect.