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Payments via online banking

Make lightning-fast transactions with your online banking details

Rapid Transfer app showing how to make a payment

Why use Rapid Transfer?

  • Instant

    Pay online or instantly upload funds to your Skrill wallet.

  • Secure

    Benefit from your bank’s rigorous security measures.

  • Easy

    Make payments using the same details you use for online banking.

Where can you use Rapid Transfer?

Skrill, in partnership with Rapid transfer, allows you to deposit money into your Skrill wallet or to pay online directly. Supported by thousands of banks globally and your favourite brands, Rapid Transfer is now becoming more popular and used by customers all across the world.

How Rapid Transfer works

Pay via your bank in three easy steps

  • Select Rapid Transfer as a payment option and choose your bank

  • Enter your online banking details

  • Confirm payment

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Earn loyalty points when you use Rapid Transfer

When you pay with Rapid Transfer you can earn points for Knect, the Skrill loyalty programme. You can exchange your points for rewards, cash vouchers, big bonuses and more.

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