Skrill Money Transfer

Send money to a bank account without fees* with Skrill Money Transfer.

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Supported Countries

So far you can send money to the following countries, using the payment method listed below. More countries coming soon – stay tuned.

Recipient Country Receive Option Receive Currency
Austria Bank account EUR
Bangladesh Bank account BDT
Belgium Bank account EUR
Brazil Bank account BRL
Cyprus Bank account EUR
Estonia Bank account EUR
Finland Bank account EUR
France Bank account EUR
Germany Bank account EUR
Greece Bank account EUR
India Bank account INR
Ireland Bank account EUR
Italy Bank account EUR
Latvia Bank account EUR
Lithuania Bank account EUR
Luxembourg Bank account EUR
Malta Bank account EUR
Mexico Bank account MXN
Netherlands Bank account EUR
Pakistan Bank account PKR
Philippines Bank account, mobile wallet PHP
Poland Bank account PLN
Portugal Bank account EUR
Slovakia Bank account EUR
Slovenia Bank account EUR
Spain Bank account EUR
United Kingdom Bank account GBP
Vietnam Bank account VND

Global payment methods




  • Paysafecash

Instant bank transfer via ACH, debit and credit cards***


  • ACH
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Send money, receive money


No transfer fee*

International transfer

Send money by debit card, ACH or Paysafecash


International transfer

Send money by credit card

Up to 4.99%

International transfer in the same send and receive currency only

Send money fee per transaction.

Up to 4.99%

International transfer exchange rate mark-up

Exchange rate mark-up fee per transaction.


Receive money

Receiving money is always free of charge.

*Skrill may make money on the exchange of currencies, when sending money to a non USD denominated Skrill wallet.

**A fee may be charged for the use of Paysafecash by the service provider.

***When using a credit card to pay for an international money transfer, your bank or card issuer could charge you a cash advance fee and/or interest as specified in their T&Cs.