What is Knect?

What is Knect?

Knect is Skrill’s loyalty program, which rewards you for making transactions. You even don't pay any subscription or enrollment fees!

How do I join Knect?

Join by completing the steps below:       

  1. Log in to your Skrill account;
  2. Tap on the Knect gift icon at the top of the navigation bar;
  3. Agree to the Skrill USA Knect Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions.

How do I earn Knect loyalty points?

You earn points by making card transactions and transfers to/from merchant websites.

POS and online Skrill Visa® Prepaid Card transactions

(ATM withdrawals are excluded)

USD 1.00 = 1 Loyalty Point

Transfer to/from a merchant

USD 1.00 = 1 Loyalty Point

Are there any limitations to the loyalty points I can earn?

Yes, you can earn a maximum of one thousand (1,000) points per Qualifying Transaction (as defined in the Skrill USA Knect Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions) and a combined limit of five hundred thousand (500,000) points in a calendar month.

Any rounding will be done to the lower number (for example, if you transact an amount of up to $0.99 USD, you will get zero points. If you transact an amount of $1.01-$1.99 USD, you will receive 1 loyalty point).

When will my points be available?

Points will be made available upon settlement of your transaction, which typically happens within a few hours after authorization. Note that in some cases it may take 1 – 2 days for your points to appear in your account.

How long do I have to redeem my points?

Points will expire on a fixed date every rolling calendar year after you have earned them. The fixed rolling calendar day, month, and time is  January 1, 00:00 GMT.

For example: if you earn points on February 4, 2020, they will expire on January 1, 2022, at 00:00 GMT.

How can I access my Points History?

You can see how many reward points you have earned by accessing the Points History tab under the Knect menu.

I cannot access my Points History. Why?

We only show transactions dating back to October 5, 2021. Older transactions cannot be displayed.

What can I redeem my points for?

To learn how to redeem your points, check the dedicated article here.

How can I opt out of Knect?

You can cancel your membership at any time via Settings> Account Settings > Loyalty program> Deactivate.          

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