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02 Jul 2021

Skrill collaborates with Wix to support eCommerce business growth

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Cloud-based website builder Wix is the most popular hosted solution platform online, with over 4.5 million live websites built on it. It is currently also the 5th most popular content management system on the Internet and has over 200 million users worldwide.

Wix’s popularity is due to its versatility, allowing users such as online merchants to create their own website and launch a professional online store. Merchants can make use of over 1,000 advanced features and create a successful online business from the ground up with powerful Wix tools. Wix Merchants can customize anything from storefront to checkout, including product pages, cart, store members area and more.

The Skrill payment gateway is fully integrated with Wix and offers a simple, secure, and convenient payment solution to online merchants. Connecting and configuring the Skrill payment solution module enables merchants to begin accepting payments within hours.

In addition, there are a host of benefits such as a wide network of card and alternative payment methods, increased security at checkout, and excellent customer experience that are available to Wix Merchants through Skrill.

Are you considering adding Skrill to your Wix store? Here is how Skrill can benefit Wix eCommerce Merchants!

The benefits of using Skrill for your Wix web store

The Skrill payment gateway enables any type of business to provide frictionless payments to their customers. On top of being one of the largest payment providers globally, Skrill also has millions of wallet holders across the globe, allowing merchants to connect with them effortlessly.

Main benefits of using Skrill include:

  • Fully integrated payment solution
  • Free, easy setup
  • Quick onboarding process, which means you can start processing payments  within hours
  • Accept payments in over 40 currencies with just one account
  • Highest PCI compliance level (PCI DSS Level 1 security standard)
  • Fraud screening and risk management
  • Multilingual support for merchants

Adding Skrill as the preferred payment gateway in your Wix store will enable you to benefit from all of the above. But that’s not all. Skrill also provides many benefits to your customers, making it a highly preferred choice for them as well.

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The advantages of Skrill to your customers

Using Skrill for your web store will also benefit your customers. The Skrill payment gateway offers a customer experience that makes payments convenient, simple and quick, while at the same time offering security.

Secure payment. With increasing privacy and security requirements for businesses, customers expect that their data will be handled securely. Skrill offers high-security standards when processing payments, ensuring customers’ trust.

Quick checkout. Speed is not sacrificed for the sake of security and with the Skrill payment gateway, customers can make payments with as little as 1 click. And thanks to the quick checkout option they can also skip creating an account and checkout directly.

Numerous payment options. Offering more payment options has been shown to increase conversions dramatically. For example, offering the three most popular payment options in a certain region, rather than only the most popular one, can increase conversions up to 30%. The Skrill payment gateway allows businesses to offer payments via credit cards, debit cards, paysafecash, Przelewy24 and Rapid Transfer, an instant bank transfer solution that lets your customers pay directly from their bank account without leaving your website.

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Mobile-optimized. The mobile payment market is expected to reach a global size of $8.94 trillion by 2027. Skrill is aligned with the growing trend in mobile payments and offers a seamless payment experience across all devices. This ensures that your customers will not be diverted by difficulties in navigating the payment process due to a lack of optimization.

Split Gateway. Thanks to Skrill’s Split Gateway functionality, Wix Merchants can display all different payment methods supported by the gateway as separate options. This way customers can pick their preferred method immediately at checkout rather than having to go through the payment gateway first. This reduces friction and increases checkout speed, allowing customers to complete the payment in a moment.

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