Your first transaction is FREE.

Instant money transfer to anyone with an email address or phone number in 200 countries. Choose from 40 currencies and multiple upload methods. The receiver can access their cash in local currency and choose from a number of withdrawal options.

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Send and receive with Skrill iT

  1. enjoy competitive rates

    Our great rates and low fees mean your family and friends get more when you Skrill iT. You decide exactly how much they receive because we show you before you send it.

  2. sending money is easy

    In just a few clicks your can send money to anyone with an email address or phone number in 200 countries and 40 currencies.


    Anyone with an email address can receive money with Skrill iT. If they don't have a Skrill account, one can be set up in minutes and the money will be there waiting to be withdrawn.


Your first transaction is FREE

Enjoy zero fees the first time you send money with Skrill. It's quicker and easier than using a bank. All you need is the email address of the person you are sending the money to. The person receiving the funds will have access to their cash in local currency from a variety of withdrawal options.        

Send money to friends and family the easy way with Skrill.


Benefits of transferring with Skrill

  • More arrives with our low fees and great rates
  • Securely send money to anyone with email or mobile
  • Easy to use with instant transfers

One platform. Two Options

  1. Send money directly to active mobile wallets with Skrill it and M-pesa in Kenya, Modibram in Armenia, Smart Money & Globe Gcash in the Philipines, Indosat Dompetku in Indonesia, eSewa in Nepal & eZ Cash in Sri Lanka. All you need is a name and mobile phone number.
  2. Send money to Skrill wallet holder with just a name and email address.



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  • Frequently asked Questions: Skrill iT

    • How does Skrill iT work?

      Existing Skrill customers can login using their Skrill account username and password. New customers can sign-up, register a way to pay, verify their account and load funds from within Skrill iT.

      Once logged in you will see your balance and select how much you want to send and to which country. Just enter the email address of who you want to send money to and enter your date of birth to confirm.  

      If you are sending money to someone who already has a Skrill account, the money will arrive and be available instantly. If they do not have a Skrill account, they will receive an email with a link to set up an account. It takes less than a minute to set up an account, after which the money will be there waiting.

      Everyone who receives money can choose how they want to withdraw or spend it: directly to their bank account or Visa card, or accessed via their Skrill Prepaid MasterCard®* at over 1.9m MasterCard ATMs worldwide.

    • How much does it cost?

      There is a 1% send money fee, capped at €10 equivalent. Skrill have benchmarked this and found it is usually considerably cheaper than other money transfer networks.

      Skrill charges 3.99% fee for conversion from GBP, Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Polish Zloty into these currencies: Kenyan Shillings, Philippine Peso, Indonesian Rupiah, Nepalese Rupee, Armenian dram. Conversions from other currencies into Kenyan Shillings, Philippine Peso, Indonesian Rupiah, Nepalese Rupee and Armenian dram attract a rate of 4.99%

    • How to pay

      MasterCard, Visa or American Express which we will verify using 3D Secure.

      Alternatively, You can pay with iDeal, Sofort or the balance from you Skrill Digital Wallet.


    • What is a mobile wallet and how does it function?

      A mobile wallet is a phone-based money transfer service in the aforementioned countries, which allows customers to deposit money into an account stored on their cell phones.

    • How can I upload funds to send?

      You can add funds to send with Skrill iT using a local bank upload or all of the major payment schemes including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.

    • How long does it take to receive money?

      The funds are instantly transferred and can be spent or withdrawn immediately, moved using local bank withdrawal or international SWIFT.

    • Is sending to a mobile wallet secure?

      Yes. Skrill receives an authorization from the mobile operator and then sends the money instantly. The money sent is guaranteed. It arrives immediately and can be accessed instantly.

    • How does the recipient receive money?

      The money sent is instantly received in their Skrill account.

    • How will the recipient know I've sent them money?

      An email is sent to both the sender and the receiver detailing the amount sent and the amount that will be received in the local currency. If the receiver does not have a Skrill account then there will be a link in the email to open an account. It takes less than a minute to set up an account, after which the money will be there waiting.

    • Can I cancel a Skrill iT transaction after I've sent it?

      Once the funds have arrived in the receiver’s Skrill account, the sender cannot reverse the money transfer. If the receiver does not open a Skrill account after being notified they have been sent money, the amount sent, including fee, will be credited back to the sender automatically after 14 days.