Privacy Notice

This Privacy Policy was last amended on 12.30.2019.

This Privacy Notice (“Notice”) identifies important features of the Privacy Policy of Skrill USA, Inc. (“Skrill USA” or “we” or “us”). This Notice summarizes in general terms the rights and obligations of our customers and others who visit our website or otherwise interact with us (“you”), as well as Skrill USA’s own rights and obligations; it outlines the basis on which we obtain, process, store and dispose of the personal information that we collect from you.

This Notice is a simplified guide to our comprehensive Privacy Policy, and highlights certain aspects of it that are likely to interest most people. As recommended by many regulators, Skrill USA takes a “layered” approach to explaining our privacy practices, and this Notice provides you with a summary of key information. Skrill USA’s full Privacy Policy is available here; the Privacy Policy contains details about the matters summarized in this Notice.

As of the date of this Notice, Skrill USA is under contract to be purchased by the Paysafe group of companies (collectively, “Paysafe”). Paysafe companies include Payments Institutions and E-Money Institutions licensed in the European Union. Paysafe provides data processing and other services to Skrill USA and to our customers. 

This Notice summarizes

1. What information we may collect from you

2. How we use it

3. How we share it

4. How we store it

5. Your rights in that information, including your rights to see and correct it

Skrill USA’s business is built on the trust that our customers place in us. An important part of earning and keeping that trust is providing you with accurate, complete and easy-to-understand information about how Skrill USA collects, uses and stores information about you.

Information We Collect About You

In order for Skrill USA to provide services to you, Skrill USA must collect certain information from you. This includes:

1. Information that you provide to us whenever you apply for a product or service with Skrill USA, request changes in your service, or contact us about your account or transactions (whether on-line, by email, electronic chat, telephone conversation or any other means).

2. Because Skrill USA is strongly committed to preventing money-laundering, fraud and other financial crimes, Skrill USA may also collect information about you from both public and proprietary sources. This may include credit reports, government lists (both inside and outside the United States), social media postings and other information.

3. Information we collect from your visits to our website, whether or not you open an account or undertake a transaction with us, including your geolocation, equipment type, frequency and length of visits, and other details about your electronic interaction with us. Much of this information is collected through our use of “cookies;” you may view our Cookie Policy here.

4. Information that we obtain through your use of our services and your participation in our marketing, loyalty or other customer recruitment and retention programs.

Please see our long-form Privacy Policy for the typical information we collect about you.

How We Use Your Information

We use your information primarily to help us provide the services to you that you request. For example, we use the bank account information that you provide to enable you to add money to, and withdraw money from, your wallet, and we use information about the merchants and other customers to whom you wish to send money in order to fulfill your transaction.

We may also use this information to contact you about your account, your use of Skrill Services, to alert you to potential problems and to respond to your questions to us. This information also helps us create marketing and other programs that might be interesting to you, and to contact you about them.

As required by law, we use your information to help identify and detect money-laundering, fraud and other abuses of the financial system. 

How We Share Your Information

We may share your information among our affiliates (that is, companies that share our ownership), and with members of the Paysafe group, who help us record and process your transactions. We may also share your information with credit reporting agencies, banks, card processors, identify verification services and other organizations, but only in order for us to provide you with the services you request. We may also provide your information to government agencies, regulators, courts and other third parties to help prevent crime or to protect ourselves or our customers.

From time to time, we may develop typologies that rely on how you and other customers use our service. Those typologies do not, however, contain information that is personally identifiable to you. We may share those typologies with social media companies and advertisers to help us market our services.

Skrill USA does not currently participate in any “joint marketing” programs (that is, promotions operated by both Skrill USA and a third party to market goods and services that may be of interest to our customers, our partner’s customers, or the general public). If we do ever participate in any joint marketing programs, Skrill USA will retain all information about our customers and manage the program’s contact with you. 

We do not ordinarily sell, lease or otherwise provide your information to third parties (that is, entities that are not affiliates of Skrill USA or Paysafe) to market their products or services to you. But when you visit our website, we do use cookies and similar technology which may share identifiers that could potentially be associated with you. You are given the opportunity to opt-out of such cookie use and can switch ‘on’ or ‘off’ your cookie usage in our online consent dashboard.

Data Storage and Security

We may collect, transfer and store your information both inside and outside the United States. If your information passes outside the United States, Skrill USA will take care to ensure that your information is at all times protected with the same level of security that it receives here. 

Once we receive your information, we use information security protocols, data protection safeguards and other means to help us ensure that we are maintaining your information responsibly and in compliance with law. However, no information that passes over the internet is entirely secure. Although we do our best to safeguard your information, we cannot guarantee its security against hacks and unauthorized access. If such an event should occur, however, we will contact you promptly and keep you informed about the incident.

When you open an account with Skrill USA, you establish a password and other security protocols to help us confirm your identity when you visit us again. You are responsible for the security of your password and other identification criteria. If you lose or forget your log-on information, or if you believe someone else may have access to it or have used it, you should contact us immediately to enable us to help you protect your account.

Your Rights

You may have certain rights to view, correct, update or delete your personal information you have provided to us. Your rights depend on where you are located or where you are resident. You should review our full Privacy Policy for more information about this. Because Skrill USA’s services are regulated by various state and federal agencies, we may have an obligation to retain and report your personal information, even after you have ceased doing business with us.

If you are located in the European Economic Area or European Union, please click here for information on European Privacy rights.

If you are a California resident, please click here for information on California Privacy rights.

Do Not Track

Some web browsers may send out ‘do not track’ signals. But there is no industry standard currently in place as to what websites and other online services should do on receipt of such signals. Should such a standard be developed, Skrill USA will re-visit its policy, but currently takes no action on receipt of such signals.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We will post any changes to our Privacy Policy immediately on our website. Not all changes may result in an updating of this Notice, which is only a summary to help you understand how we use your information.

How to Contact Us

You may contact us anytime for further information about our privacy policies by reaching out to us through your Skrill account, or, during business hours on the east coast of the United States, on +1 855 719 2087. You can also reach out to us by using the Support page.