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01 Sep 2020

Here’s how VirtueMart merchants can benefit from adding Skrill

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How you can benefit from Skrill and make payments easy

VirtueMart is one of the oldest and the most popular eCommerce extensions for Joomla!. It has a large community around it and, just like Joomla!, its basic version is free to download and open-source.

Along with the VirtueMart plugin, you’ll need to implement a payment gateway. You’ll need a gateway to accept and manage payments from your customers.

The Skrill payment gateway is natively integrated for VirtueMart, which means that it has been specifically developed to run on the platform. What’s more, Skrill offers a long list of benefits that VirtueMart merchants can enjoy. Top benefits include high security, a better user experience, different payment options, and much more.

Wondering if Skrill is the right choice for your online store? Here's how Skrill benefits VirtueMart merchants.

The Benefits of Using Skrill For Your VirtueMart Web Store

Skrill is one of the major payment providers in Europe. It’s suitable for all types of businesses and offers a wide range of payment methods for customers. Some of the major advantages of adopting Skrill for your web store include:

  • Simple, quick and 100% free setup
  • One account supports and manages over 40 currencies
  • Fully PCI compliant (PCI DSS Level 1 security standard)
  • Fraud and risk management
  • Connect with millions of Skrill wallet holders worldwide
  • Control over how payment options are displayed to customers
  • Multi-lingual support whenever you need it

In addition to the above, using Skrill with VirtueMart offers specific benefits such as:

  • Refund capability available within your web store
  • Redirect and iFrame options available to merchants:
    • Redirect allows you to lead customers outside of your store to complete their order
    • iFrame allows you to show the Skrill gateway to customers in your store, where they then can complete their order
  • Instant payment settlement

Implementing the Skrill payment gateway alongside your VirtueMart eCommerce platform will provide you with all of the above benefits and functionalities.

How Skrill Will Benefit Your Customers

Apart from the benefits that businesses receive when integrating Skrill, customer experience is also significantly improved by our service.  This in turn is an important driver in increasing your sales.

Quick checkout. By integrating the Skrill payment gateway, you provide your customers with an easy and fast way to pay for their online purchases. For example, with our quick checkout option, no account creation is required for users to make a purchase.

SplitGateway for easier payment. The SplitGateway functionality is specifically available for VirtueMart merchants. At checkout it allows customers to see the different payment methods provided by Skrill as a separate option, instead of having to go through the Skrill checkout page to pick their preferred method.

Outstanding user experience across all devices. Paying with Skrill is effortless and easy on any device. The gateway offers a simple and straightforward payment experience across mobile phones, desktops, and tablets.

A large variety of payment options. With Skrill, customers can pay with credit cards, debit cards, over 100 local payment methods and instant bank transfer, without leaving your website. Accommodating your customers’ preferred payment method makes them more likely to complete their purchase and check out.

The above are some of the key benefits for your customers if you decide to use Skrill for your VirtueMart store. As a trusted and recognized payment provider, Skrill can help you to manage your payments with ease, as well as to build good relationships with your customers.

Try Skrill Today

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