Why has my credit or debit card been declined?

There are several main reasons why a credit/ debit card deposit is declined:

  • You have reached your card’s limits. Verify your card to increase the deposit limits (available only on a web browser).
  • Wrong 3D Secure code. You may have an additional security step (one-time password) enabled for online payments. Make sure you enter the correct code. For more information, contact your card issuer.
  • The card issuer has declined the transaction for security reasons or reaching pre-set limits, etc. In such a case, contact your bank.
  • You have entered your card details incorrectly. Double-check the card number, the spelling of your name, card expiration date, etc.
  • The personal information on the card does not match the personal information from your Skrill account. Make sure to use credit/ debit cards issued in your name only. We do not accept third-party payment instruments.
  • Technical issues. Clear your browser history and cookies and enable the pop-up windows.
  • You can’t add and use the card because it has been registered in another Skrill account. This may happen if you have had an account with us in the past. Contact us by clicking on the available contact channel below to help you remove the card from the inactive account. Never share your card details with other people!
  • You are attempting to register more than the maximum number of registered cards: 3 for unverified customers, and 5 for customers who are fully verified. Remove one of the registered cards to register the new one.
  • Time-out/ communication issue. Try again later or with an alternative card.
  • You are trying to use a gift card. As currently we don’t accept gift cards, please try with a credit or debit card.
  • The card you are trying to use is not Visa®, Mastercard®, or Discover. Currently we accept payments only with these card types: Visa®, Mastercard®, and in some countries Discover.

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